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It has been nearly a month since we last got a concrete update on Nicole Nafziger’s living situation in Morocco. Fans are foaming at the mouth for news.

But Nicole did share one piece of pregnancy news that had her followers flipping out.

Nicole Nafziger: Hiding That Azan is Married With Kids?!
Photo via Instagram

Recently, Nicole Nafziger posted a photo of an ultrasound — indicating a pregnancy.

Though the image included a link, a number of fans exchewed the daunting task of reading and simply responded to the photo.

Is Nicole pregnant? Did Azan knock her up during her very extended stay in Morocco?

Nicole Nafziger Loves May
Photo via Instagram

In a word? No.

We don’t just mean that Nicole was not making a pregnancy announcement. She is genuinely not pregnant.

But the fact that she posted anything at all, let alone without letting people reply, sent some followers into a rage.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou Enjoy a Night Out in Morocco
Photo via Instagram

"Seriously? You post and not allowed people to comment on most pictures?" one entitled commenter exclaimed.

"Are you married to Azan or Not?" the fan demanded. "Are you pregnant or Not? Is Azan working or Not? Are you back in US or Not?"

The commenter asked: "When are you going to open your eyes & get to the matured level you need to be when you have a daughter that needs you?!!!"

Nicole Nafziger IG story apologizes for ultrasound pic

The outcry was enough that Nicole, who has been less active on Instagram than usual in recent months, posted a response.

"No, I am not pregnant,” she announced.

Nicole even went so far as to apologize: “Sorry for the confusing post."

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

"Hope everyone is staying safe out there!" Nicole added.

This is not the first time that she has acknowledged the real risk to people’s safety brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Warmly, she concluded her message to fans with: "Peace and love to all."

Nicole Nafziger and Daughter May: May Turns 6!

So why exactly did she share a photo of an ultrasound if she is not pregnant?

Like so many reality stars, from 90 Day Fiance castmates to Real Housewives and more, Nicole Nafziger is making use of Instagram.

She does Instagram endorsements of products. She also shares links (in her bio) for people to click.

Nicole Nafziger Reunited with Azan Tefou
Photo via Instagram

In other words, Nicole can supplement her finances in small ways through Instagram. This time, by announcing someone else’s pregnancy.

So many are trapped at home (worse, others are in places where they are being forced back to work when it is not safe).

Nicole isn’t just unable to work her regular Starbucks job — she went to Morocco in March and got trapped there by the pandemic.

Nicole Nafziger with a Cup of Coffee
Photo via Instagram

We have to say … Nicole is being overly nice to her "fans," many of whom are nothing short of haters.

She actually apologizes for the "confusing" post.

There was nothing actually confusing about the post to anyone who honestly wanted to know about it.

Nicole Nafziger in Huge Sunglasses
Photo via Instagram

If you see an intriguing picture or title or teaser, you don’t magically know the contents of what it is telling you.

Instead, you should click it.

If these goofballs had clicked her link and read the words of the article that she was sharing, they would know that someone else was pregnant.

Nicole Nafziger Stuns in Cobalt
Photo via Instagram

Tired of seeing clickbait on Nicole’s page? You don’t have to click it.

But if you choose to not click on something, it doesn’t make a lick of sense to then pretend that you know what it’s about.

If a title could convey every detail of a story, then articles wouldn’t exist. We’d just live in a world of titles.

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?
Photo via TLC

Nicole has not offered many updates on her life while in Morocco, though she is reportedly staying with Azan’s family.

She has, however, shared some updates on her adorable 6-year-old daughter, May, who is staying with Nicole’s mom.

We know that this family is eager to be reunited. We hope that, when they are back together (or if they are already), they will share that with the world.