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Last week, Nicole Nafziger gave fans an update after spending more than two months on lockdown in Morocco.

Now, we know a lot more about her situation and exactly where she is staying.

Nicole Nafziger Reunited with Azan Tefou
Photo via Instagram

In early March, Nicole hopped onto a series of flights that took her from Florida to Morocco to see the love of her life.

She and Azan Tefou (real name Hassan M’Raouni) had not seen each other for years despite their love and engagement.

It was Nicole’s intention to stay for two weeks. She had saved up money and left May with her mother, Robbalee.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Nicole was stuck — and now it has been two and a half months since she went to Morocco.

Nicole Nafziger: Hiding That Azan is Married With Kids?!
Photo via Instagram

It was a real shame, because Nicole and Azan had been enjoying themselves on cute dates.

Getting dinner with Azan, Nicole had enjoyed Moroccan tea and tajine, some of her favorite treats there.

Instead, normal flights were grounded and restaurants were closed in order to reduce the horrific death toll from this global pandemic.

When it seemed unlikely that the two were just enjoying a romantic pre-honeymoon for all this time, fans began to wonder what the deal was.

Azan Tefou Shirtless
Photo via Instagram

You know that Nicole had been missing him.

After all, these two fiances had not seen each other in ages.

Their romantic plans to visit Grenada had been quashed by a last-minute, never-explained family emergency on Azan’s side.

But how have they been situated this whole time?

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

It turns out that Nicole has been on lockdown at Azan’s mother’s house.

This makes a lot of sense.

Though we researched rent costs in Morocco and found that they are much more affordable than in the US, that can only take you so far.

Funds for a two week trip can rarely cover over two months of rent — pretty much anywhere. 

Nicole Nafziger and Azan Tefou Enjoy a Night Out in Morocco
Photo via Instagram

Staying with her future MIL was a practical choice.

Hopefully, this has afforded her a great deal of time with Azan.

(We knew that she was with Azan, of course, thanks to Nicole’s own mother’s updates)

Perhaps she has also gotten to bond with her future relatives.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger in 2020
Photo via Instagram

Speaking of family bonds, however, Nicole has been bombarded with some truly hateful messages.

Why? Because she isn’t with her daughter, May, during this pandemic.

May is safely with Robbalee in Florida, enjoying grandma time as we all weather this truly bizarre new reality.

And it’s not like Nicole has simply ghosted her beloved 6-year-old daughter.

Nicole Nafziger IG May is a mood

The reality, as you can see here by this very cute post that Nicole shared to Instagram, is nothing of the sort.

As Robbalee previously informed curious and concerned fans, they are in contact with Nicole every day.

Of course Nicole is keeping up with her precious daughter, May! She’s her mom!

Fans should believe Robbalee — she has never shied away from speaking her thoughts about Azan.

Nicole and Azan, Affectionate
Photo via Instagram

Specifically, Robbalee has told fans that not being thrilled about Nicole’s choice in men is not the same thing as hating Azan.

Rather, she describes him as a young man who doesn’t really work.

Robbalee has noted that there is no shortage of such young men here in the US, or even just locally in Florida.

She’s right. And she was hinting at the real reason for which so many people are so hypercritical of Nicole’s romance.

Nicole and Azan on 90 Day Fiance
Photo via TLC

Normally, if people disapproved of Nicole and Azan, she’d get a few grumpy comments and they would leave it at that.

Instead, trolls bombard Nicole’s social media day and night — so it’s no wonder that she took a two-month hiatus.

Part of that is because Azan is a Muslim man with brown skin.

The same things that kept him from being approved for a K-1 visa are also giving bigots an excuse to condemn him as bad news.

Nicole and Azan, Double Selfie
Photo via Instagram

Then, of course, there are the Nicole haters who hate Nicole for herself, because of her size and her body.

We all see Nicole as being absolutely adorable, but that doesn’t stop body-shaming morons for viewing her threw a skewed lens.

To their warped minds, Azan must be some sort of scammer, because otherwise a guy with a body like his wouldn’t be with her.

Folks, relationships between people with different body types happen every day.

Nicole Nafziger: Azan Won't Flake Out on Me THIS Trip!
Photo via Instagram

Are there valid reasons for people to have real questions about their relationship and their plans? Of course.

But none of them could account for the volume of vitriol that is thrown Nicole’s way every single day.

That stuff comes from internal biases that have very little to do with Nicole or Azan.

Otherwise, people would just approve or disapprove and chill TF out, right?