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Earlier this year, NeNe Leakes called for a return of Kim Zolciak and for some of her other castmates to be fired.

Eva Marcille was baffled at the time … but now?

Eva Marcille Blasts Claims That She's Broke

Perhaps she’s had a change of heart, because Eva is saying her goodbyes and leaving The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

This week, Marcille put out a statement announcing her departure from the franchise after the past three years.

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“I appreciate the bond of friendship that I’ve made with my castmates,” she begins by affirming.

“And,” she adds, she enjoys the “strong personal relationships I have with numerous executives and producers of Bravo”

“I am thankful for the opportunity I was provided,” Eva emphasizes.

Eva Marcille Hits Out

“Bowever,” Eva begins to reveal, “after speaking with my family and representatives …”

“… I believe that what I hope to accomplish for the culture and community …” she notes.

Eva continues her statement “… will be better served by focusing on other opportunities.”

“I look forward to serving the community on Ricky Smiley Morning show,” Eva announces.

“And,” she adds, she is eagerly anticipating “finding other ways to be a voice.”

That, she says, is of the essence now.

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Eva acknowledges that being a voice is particularly important “during this transformational time during our country for people of color.”

For three weeks, now, millions of Americans have engaged in courageous protests from coast to coast against racism and violence.

The escalating use of force by police has become a topic – finally – that is top of mind for almost everyone in our nation.

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While she may be turning her focus elsewhere, “the time that I spent on Housewives,” Eva declares, “I enjoyed myself.”

Though she entered as a Friend, she has truly been part of this franchise.

“I cried, I laughed,” Eva reflects, “I obviously fought.”

Eva Marcille Promotes Real Housewives of Atlanta
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“Most importantly,” she affirms, “I made some great friendships with some beautiful women.”

“I believe my time is up,” Eva Marcille declares.

“I have a 6-year-old daughter,” she notes.

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“And,” Eva adds, “two young boys still in diapers.”

“They are 24 hours a day,” she acknowledges of the busy duties of a parent, “and there is a lot of work to be done.”

“I decided to spend my time and energy focusing on my kids,” Eva declares.

“And,” she adds, “my community,”

Eva Marcille Marries Michael Sterling

“And not so much reality show business,” Eva explains, noting that this has more to do with her life than any ill will toward her co-stars.

“I love every single one of those black women,” she emphasizes.

It is important to note that The Real Housewives of Atlanta has such an affluent black cast, as it is sadly a rarity on television.

Eva Marcille, Shamari DeVoe on RHOA

She proudly declares: “They are all queens all in their own right.”

“They are stars,” Eva declares of her castmates.

“And,” she expresses, “I wish them the most successful season and transformational season 13 that the Real Housewives of Atlanta has ever seen.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 Cast
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Those are some very positive well-wishes that she is directing at her castmates and whoever steps in for the new season.

We have seen plenty of Housewives, whether they quit or are excused from the series, express nothing but bitterness and contempt.

In addition to her duties as a mother and her intentions towards the community, Eva also has a CBD oil company and her own bedding line.

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Eva Marcille first joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2017, as a Friend of the Housewives.

In Season 11, she became a Full Housewife, in capital letters, officially earning her peach.

We wish her the best of luck as we wonder what next season will look like.