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Amidst mounting drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 10 is taking a short break between episodes.

But Lisa Rinna doesn’t sleep — she waits. And, in this case, she poses her naked body for the world to see.

Photo via Instagram

Lisa Rinna is part of an eye-opening new eyewear campaign.

In a series of new photos, the 56-year-old actress is wearing Christian Cowan X Le Specs sunglasses.

No, wait, we’re sorry, that doesn’t properly convey the content of the photos.

Lisa is only wearing Christian Cowan X Le Specs sunglasses.

Photo via Instagram

Lisa Rinna looks incredible.

We know that it’s tempting to insert an asterisk there.

But "Lisa Rinna looks incredible for a 56-year-old" is not necessary. No qualifier needed.

Photo via Instagram

By any standard, she is a knockout.

She knows it. The brand that’s paying her for this campaign knows it.

And so does everyone she knows — if they didn’t know already from her plentiful thirst traps prior to this.

Lisa Rinna at the Lake
Photo via Instagram

"WAIT, WHAT?" daughter Amelia Gray asked in all caps on Instagram.

"WHEN DID YOU DO THIS?" the flabbergasted young adult wanted to know.

Stating the obvious, Amelia exclaimed: "YOU ARE HOT!" Yeah, she sure TF is.

Photo via Bravo

Amelia’s sister, Delilah Belle, echoed her thoughts.

"Mom when tf did you do this," Delilah asked.

Meanwhile, Lisa’s husband, Harry Hamlin, chimed in with a proud and thirsty: "THAT’S MY GIRL!" complete with red heart emojis.

Lisa Rinna Explains Her Point of View
Photo via Bravo

Lisa’s family aren’t the only ones who are totally blown away by her steamy nude photoshoot.

"OH MY GAWD," Kyle Richards exclaims, showing her age in her rush to express enthusiasm.

She implores Lisa to "Please wear this to the Reunion!" Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Photo via Bravo

"WHHHAATTT!!!" Dorit Kemsley writes, echoing Kyle’s astonishment.

"Holy S–T!" she continues. "Damn this is next level."

Erika Jayne simply chants: "YES YES YES!"

Photo via Bravo

Christian Cowan, the designer from the campaign itself, also added some commentary.

"Why wear anything when you look this good?" he asked.

That is a very solid question. Plenty of us enjoy being nude even when we don’t look like Lisa. (And no, we really don’t)

Lisa Rinna for Season 9
Photo via BRAVO

Okay, so we know that the rule of the wise is to not compare women’s looks to other women, for a lot of reasons. But …

Something about Lisa’s look — and we swear that it’s more than just the glasses — actually give us a Linda Hamilton vibe, which is definitely a compliment.

As for the glasses themselves, they look like something that you’d see in Cyberpunk 2077 (which has sadly been pushed back to a November release).

Lisa Rinna Bikini Body
Photo via Getty

Lisa’s hotness is not in question by anyone who has ever seen her.

There is a lot that can be said about how women are valued by their looks and bodies rather than by other qualities.

But that does not mean that appreciating someone for being outrageously hot is an inherently bad thing.

And Lisa?
Photo via BRAVO

Lisa is also treasured for her acting skills and her witty commentary.

Oh … and for her penchant for drama. She can improvise captivating, memorable scenes with minimal effort.

"Never talk about my husband" followed by shattering a glass at a restaurant table … well, few people could perform so well even if they’d had practice.

Photo via Bravo

This season so far, we have seen Lisa’s longtime friendship with Denise Richards hang in the balance.

We don’t know everything about how this season will end.

That said, we’ll echo Kyle’s sentiment: we, too, think that Lisa should wear the above outfit to the reunion special.