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Throughout the seemingly never-ending coronavirus lockdown (hey, at least we’ll all be in the habit of keeping masks in or glove compartment by the time the second wave hits!), celebrities have been forced to get creative in their efforts to keep themselves and their fans entertained.

And perhaps no famous figure has risen to the occasion quite like Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner Leather

You want wine mom jokes about drinking yourself to sleep?

Kylie’s got you covered.

Perhaps a young billionaire twerking in a bikini is more your speed.

Well, Kyliizzle can deliver that content, as well.

Photo via Instagram

Despite the fact that she’s got a toddler to care for and a brand-new $36 million mansion to decorate (there are worse problems to have, obvi), Kylie has been putting work on the ‘Gram and delivering fresh posts for her followers on a daily basis.

But as we enter the fourth month of the ‘Rona Times, it must be getting tough to come up with new ideas.

Perhaps that’s why Kylie decided to switch things up with a classic Kar-Jenner clan tactic this week.

Topless Kylie Jenner Photo
Photo via Instagram

Yes, like all of her sisters before her, Kylie decided to go blonde and topless.

Have we seen Kylie topless before? Many times.

And the 22-year-old has also gone blonde on several occasions.

Kylie Jenner: Blonde In 2020
Photo via Instagram

But the blonde/topless combo?

Well, we’ve been poring through our archives of racy Kylie pics (there are worse jobs to have, obvi), and we think she might be treading new ground here.

Kylie captioned the first pic simply, "last night."

Kylie Jenner: Kylie Cosmetics
Photo via Instagram

Then she posted a second with a caption reading, "too good had to do a double take."

Clearly, Kylie was feeling herself in the wee hours of Tuesday night, and judging by the comments, we think it’s safe to say her fans agree with her glowing self-assessment.

"Blonde Ky is my fav!!!" wrote one influencer.

Kylie on a Zoom Call
Photo via Instagram

"Barbie needs to take notes," another commenter chimed in.

We doubt that Kylie is suffering from any serious self-esteem issues, but even so, the boost she got from last night’s pics must have been a nice form of quarantine self-care.

After all, looking after yourself in these uncertain times involves more than simply avoiding the virus.

Sometimes, you also have to remind yourself that you’re still fly.