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Last month, it became very apparent that Barb approves of Kelley Flanagan after she and Peter Weber went public with their not-so-secret romance.

Now, Barb is taking it further, publicly declaring that Kelley is like the daughter she "always wanted."

Kelley Flanagan with Her Man

"Post-show, honestly, I’m doing good," Peter reveals while speaking to Chris Harrison on Monday night’s The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons.

He gushes: "I’m extremely happy."

"It feels so good to be able to say that," Peter raves.

"And," he expresses, "I’m just very hopeful for the future.”

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“This is my girl," Peter announces to Chris Harrison, referring to Kelley Flanagan.

This may seem like old news to us, but some viewers may have not seen anything about Peter since he was last on TV.

Those of us on social media who keep up with the blogs can forget how far behind people can be if they’re not very Online.

“I am very, very happy with this one," he gushes.

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"We are just really excited for the future,” Peter raves.

He speaks of how “When this [pandemic] finally ends, we both have dreams."

‘We’d love to live in New York City for a little bit," Peter expresses, "and get that experience."

"So hopefully fingers crossed that’s in our future…" he says.

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"And," Peter shares, he and Kelley want to take the time to "just enjoy each other."

"It’s been great…." he reflects.

"I remember going in, and I wanted that love story more than anything," Peter shares.

"And I can honestly say it worked out in the end," he affirms.

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"So, thank you," Peter expresses.

He adds: "Thank you, Bachelor Nation for standing by me and all my craziness."

"But," Peter concludes, "it worked out."

And he is not the only member of the family who is happy that he found Kelley.

Kelley Flanagan and Barb Weber
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Barb, one of the most polarizing Bachelor Fam parents in recent memory, also showed up to give Peter and Kelley her blessing.

"It’s a dream come true," Peter’s mom gushes. "I love her."

"I love her so much," Barb affirms. "We get along so great."

"And," she characterizes, "she’s the daughter that I’ve always wanted."

Kelley Flanagan on Women Tell All
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"We’re giving Kelley the key [to the house]," Barb jokes.

At least, we think that she was joking.

Peter then adds, definitely joking, saying: "Kelley’s moving into my parents’ house."

"No, I’m just kidding, I’m kidding," he declares.

Peter and Kelley Kiss

Peter came under fire for being a "mama’s boy" after Barb’s tearful plea for him to choose Hannah Ann over Madison.

In reality, she knew that Peter and Madison were not an ideal fit.

And no matter what Madison’s most hardcore fans though, she was right. Madison and Peter both know that.

Peter didn’t end up with Hannah Ann, but it looks like he found happiness anyway. That’s a win for him and for Kelley.

Photo via ABC

Peter has opened up in the past about how The Bachelor has limitations — not every contestant can show their best sides on the show.

That’s not a euphemism for nudity, either.

People behave differently on camera. Often, couples have to wait until the Fantasy Suites to really get to know each other.

That’s not a euphemism for boning, either. We mean talking. Besides, plenty of folks don’t wait for Fantasy Suites to take it to pound town.

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It was only out in the real world that Peter was able to reconnect with Kelley, first as friends, then as friends who bang each other’s brains out.

Now they’ve found real love, which is a beautiful thing.

Earning Barb’s seal of a approval can be tricky, but should make for smooth sailing for as long as their romance lasts.

For now, they’re enjoying each other’s company and looking forward to the future.