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Mama June Shannon of Mama June: Family Crisis fame was finally forced to see the truth on Friday night, June 12.

And, we observers have easily seen over the past several months, the truth is quite ugly and unfortunate indeed.

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The latest installment of this realitty show picked up right where the June 5 episode concluded, showing what happened when Pumpkin and her mom met for the first time in many weeks.

Spoiler: It was not pretty.

At the outset of the episode, June insisted she was three months sober, which (sadly) we all know is a dubious claim.

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Shannon later said both she and boyfriend Geno Doak were "clean," despite voluminous reports to the contrary.

Confident in her status, June agreed to take a drug test.

Whether she was bluffing or legitimately confused, we may never know, but the results didn’t turn out in her favor.

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Yes, June confessed, she takes Fioricet, a prescription pain medicine used to treat the symptoms of tension headache.

Oh, and yes, she also does take Xanax, a benzodiazepine medication used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. 

But that’s not what she tested positive for.

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No, this was another drug entirely.

The urine test she submitted came back positive for cocaine – which is the controlled substance for which Shannon was arrested back in March of 2019 – and Mama June simply lost it.

Big time.

June Shannon: My Family Hates Me Because I'm a Crackhead!

“No, I promise you I’m not,” she said of being on this drug, adding in tears: “I will take a blood test, I will take five of those."

"I want to take a blood test to prove that I am not."

Dr. Ish tried to calm Shannon down, telling her that sometimes there are false positives when it comes to urinalysis.

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Ingesting too much cough medicine can lead to a positive cocaine test, he explained, and asked to follow up on it.

Somewhat surprisingly, he sent the blood tests to a lab… and they later determined that this was actually the case.

Wow, right? So was she "clean" after all?

June Shannon in a Mask

“I really thought I was going to be mad if mama’s drug test come back positive,” her daughter, Lauryn, said in response to the dramatic ordeal that played out on the WE tv network.

“But mama’s reaction is showing me that she is basically crying for help."

That’s putting it mildly.

June Shannon Shares a Recent Pic

She and her family have been through a lot. And we mean a lot.

After nearly a year of ignoring her family and begging for money and focusing entirely on her relationship with Doak, June has sounded more open of late to reconnecting with her kids.

If they’re up for it, that is.

June Shannon Looks Odd
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On this episode, Shannon agreed to follow Pumpkin’s list of things she had to do to stay in contact with her family.

First, she would have to get a phone.

Second, she would have to also take a drug test every week to prove she’s consistently clean and sober.

June Shannon Pose
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Third, and most importantly, Pumpkin wanted her 40-year-old mom to check in to an in-patient rehab facility.

Shannon agreed to everything except for #3.

Instead, she agreed to do an out-patient rehab program to keep her "freedom" intact, which feels like a cop-out.

Mama June as Marilyn Monroe
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It’s not like this was an isolated case, after all.

June confessed to her daughter that she’d been spending a tremendous amount of money on meth – every single day.

Like $2,500 a day on meth. For real.

June Shannon Confesses: I've Been Dropping $2,500 Per Day on Friggen METH!

"I said, look, we’re not gonna get anywhere staying here," June told her daughter, Lauryn at the tense sit-down.

See the clip of that exchange above.

"The only reason I sold the house," she explained of her recent decision to sell off all of her possessions, was:

"I was dead f–king broke."

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Many of us suspected that her selling the house last year for significantly less than it was worth was for that reason.

Nevertheless, June going to out-patient rehab was a compromise to which child and parent eventually agreed.

Lauryn even drove her mother to her first treatment on air.

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June repeatedly alleged on this same episode longtime boyfriend Doak was "clean" as well, but come on now. No.

Pumpkin actually had to explain to her mother that if Doak is drinking beer, well, then he is NOT sober, is he?

June Shannon and Geno Doak
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At least he’s not spending $2,500 a week on meth, but yeah. Sobriety is kind of totally a binary thing, Mama June.

At the end, she told producers the full story has not been revealed yet, continuing to tease this tragic situation.

Gotta keep up those ratings, right? Mama June: Family Crisis airs Fridays (9 p.m. ET) on WE tv.