Hannah Ann Sluss: I'm Single and My DMs Are Open, Guys!!!

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This week, during the same interview in which Madison Prewett confessed that Barb's words brought her to tears, Hannah Ann Sluss gave an update.

While others are still recovering from relationship drama, Hannah Ann is ready to date again ... and her DMs are open.

Hannah Ann Head Shot

A few months ago, Hannah Ann Sluss appeared on The Final Rose.

There, she stood up for herself, telling Peter Weber that she knows her value -- and deserves better than what she got from him.

Peter's infamous indecisiveness has made him something of a laughing stock among the Bachelor Nation.

Last year, Hannah Brown built up his reputation as some kind of low-key sex god with just a few words. He proved himself to be a clown.

Young Hannah Ann

As fans may recall (if you can keep it all straight in your head), Peter and Hannah Ann were ever-so-briefly engaged.

Peter's decision to pop the question to Hannah Ann was made for him.

Why? Because Madison had decided to eliminate herself from the running right before he proposed.

So it was not great surprise when Peter's engagement to Hannah Ann only lasted a few weeks.

Hannah Ann is Thirsty

He had spent the entire time consumed by thoughts of Madison, which was grossly unfair to Hannah.

At just 23, she displayed more emotional maturity, standing up for herself with millions of eyes on them.

(Hannah actually turned 24 in April, joining so many of us in the pandemic lockdown birthdays club)

That earned her a number of fans -- even more than she had already acquired by being so conspicuously beautiful.

Hannah Ann Sluss on the Instagram

This week, Hannah Ann was one of the guests on The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons -- Ever.

Chris Harrison had invited her and Madison to tune in for commentary -- remotely, of course.

The season in review was Kaitlyn Bristowe's, but Chris didn't ask her about the season of The Bachelorette that aired when she was a teenager.

Instead, he naturally asked her about Peter.

Hannah Ann on Instagram

One of Chris' questions for Hannah Ann was curiosity as to whether she would give Peter another chance.

Peter, of course, is currently with Kelley Flanagan.

Understandably, Hannah confesses that she hasn't really given the idea of getting back with Peter much thought.

In other words, she is not-so-subtly hinting to Chris and to the Bachelor Nation as a whole that she has moved on.


Now, when we say that has moved on, we mean that in emotional terms.

Hannah Ann clarifies that she is currently very single.

She jokes that her DMs are open, so just about anyone could slide on in and hit her up.

Hannah also makes an analogy -- that she's browsing a menu of potential suitors but has yet to place her order.

Hannah A. Pic

Hannah Ann did not address rumors about her post-Bachelor love life.

Back in April, it was alleged that she was dating Mason Rudolph, a sports athlete.

They were only said to be dating remotely, given the pandemic and the life-saving necessity of lockdown.

Hannah did not say anything on that topic, except of course her assertion that she is currently single.

Hannah Ann Sluss Photograph

But in less romantic terms, she has had one relationship develop.

Hannah Ann and Madison have become good friends.

Though they may not have bonded over the same dong as so many other contestants might, they did both date the same man.

Apparently, the parallels in their experiences with Peter helped them to develop a rapport and a real friendship.

HannahAnn Sluss

At one point, Chris Harrison asks both ladies if they are interested in getting Peter back.

Hannah clapped back, playfully scolding Chris for even asking such a ridiculous question.

She suggested that he, and everyone, already know the answer to that if they really think about it.

We'd say that we'd love to see Hannah Ann as The Bachelorette in a couple of years, but honestly? Could a girl this lovely stay single for that long?

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