Dee Nguyen Reacts to The Challenge Firing (And May Sue MTV!)

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Dee Nguyen has issued a lengthy statement in response to her recent firing.

And soon, according to a new report, the disgraced reality star may let her legal team do some serious talking.

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As previously reported, Nguyen was cut loose by MTV on Tuesday after a number of racially insensitive Tweets and message resurfaced online.

Many of these Tweets were screen-captured by Dee's fellow competitor on The Challenge, Bayleigh Dayton.

Dayton drew attention to an exchange Nguyen got into with a Twitter user over the latter's Blackout Tuesday post.

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"Wake up!!! People are dying. Smh," this critic told Nguyen, accusing her of sharing "lame ass thirst traps" when the rest of the country was mourning the death of George Floyd.

Dee replied by writing "people die every f--king day" and then clapped back as follows:

"U don't know me or what I do. I suggest u wake the f--k up and get off social media."

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Elsewhere, in Tweets that have since been deleted, Nguyen also shared a post in which she wrote:

"IDK why some of u think I'm anti BLM. I've been saying that since the day I lost my virginity."

With protests having broken out in all 50 states in response to the aforementioned Floyd killing, and with the Black Lives Matter movement at the forefront of national consciousness again, MTV responded quickly to this online flap.


They announced that Nguyen would not return to The Challenge. 

"As a result of Dee Nguyen’s offensive comments on the Black Lives Matter movement, we have severed ties with her. Out of respect for our Challengers, we'll air our season as planned.

"We strongly condemn systemic racism and stand with those raising their voices against injustice," said the network in a statement.


At first, Nguyen seemed to accept this punishment, too.

"I am sorry for the insensitive tweet I posted earlier. I was being defensive and not speaking from my heart. But there’s no excuse," she wrote.

She then continued, referring Dayton and Dayton's husband:

Dee Nguyen Fitness

"I also want to extend an apology to Bayleigh and Swaggy- who are my cast mates and deserve my respect and compassion...

"Let me be clear I am a POC that crew about BLM.

"I believe in this movement and I'm stepping away from social media too focus on my wellbeing and mental health."

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Now, in a statement to Us Weekly, Nguyen has once again sounded contrite about what transpired.

Said the 27-year old reality star on Wednesday:

“I want to sincerely apologize to my fellow cast members, the production crew at Bunin-Murray and the staff at MTV for my choice of words and actions in the most recent events." 


“What was stated wasn’t meant to be hurtful or discriminatory in any matter."

"It was a knee jerk of a reaction and it’s certainly not the way that I feel nor what I meant."

Nguyen, who actually won The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2, continued as follows:

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I would love to take it back. But it is out there and to set to record straight. Racial intolerance is intolerable and unacceptable.

Having had to deal with racism my entire life, ironically through all this, there is a warm feeling I have with the fact that humans are standing together to call out unacceptable comments and behaviors that in the past were rarely called on.

Again, we are shown that you can be judged in a second on all social media platforms.

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Sounds all good and all as if Dee gets it, right?

And, look, perhaps she does.

However, Page Six now reports that Nguyen is considering legal action in the wake of her firing.

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Nguyen’s Australian rep, Joseph Lamanna, told this outlet a few hours ago:

“An Australian firm with renowned entertainment lawyer Matthew McCormick has been appointed to review the current situation under consultation by BLVK Management."

To be clear... a lawsuit has not yet been filed.

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However, Lamanna said BLVK hired McCormick to “have a look at all aspects of the case” and “in due course, a further statement will be made.”

This same management team, meanwhile, also spoke to Us Weekly about its client and what led to her ousting from the popular reality franchise.

We've posted this statement below...

Nguyen, Dee

At this time our team wanted to kindly state we stand strong behind our fellow MTV client Dee Nguyen.

We respectfully and kindly ask your outlet or business organization to let our team conduct an internal review as this situation unfolds.

Our team is as shocked as you could imagine and would like to affirm that BLVK does not tolerate any form of racism what so ever.

Dee Nguyen The Challenge

We also have an obligation and duty to our clients to ensure their voices are heard and if any of them have made a mistake, allow them to have the opportunity to fix it or clarify it.

We are working on this as we speak and ask for some patience before any further decision is made.

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