Christine Brown Rocks Bedroom Attire, Tries to Publicly Seduce Husband

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Well... hello there, Christine Brown!

For the second time in a matter of weeks, the long-time Sister Wives star has taken social media followers aback by embracing her sexy side in very public fashion.

She's really taken it to the extreme this time, however.

Christine Brown Gets Sexy

As previously documented, Brown made it clear last month that she was dressing to impress for a date with husband Kody.

Many observers took this as a jab at fellow spouse Meri Brown because her relationship with Kody has been on the rocks and those two had just let their wedding anniversary slide by... without any kind of celebration.

If folks those Christine was hurling shade at Meri before, though?

Well. They ought to see her now!

Christine Brown Aims to Seduce

This past Saturday, the 48-year old ran a LuLaRoe Facebook Live clothing sale for her collection of Chloes, which are really meant to be overlays.

They aren't pieces of lingerie or anything.

But Christine herself described the attire as "sexy" as she tried it on, adding in a message to her viewers:

"Complete outfit that I can go around town in, walk around, look super cute, come home, change it up a little bit and make dinner, change it up again… later, that’s it.

"That’s all I’m saying!"

Christine Brown in a Bathroom

Still, though.

This is not a side of Christine that fans see very often, as noted by a handful of her own fans.

One follower wrote, “Bedroom attire," while another quipped: "From day to night to morning!"

Christine has been both showing off her figure and also flaunting her romance with Kody for a little while now.

Christine Brown Looks Good

While Kody's relationships with Janelle, Robyn and Meri have all been facing turbulent times of late, Christine seems happy and confident in where things stand between her and her husband.

"Dressing up for date night is super important, even if you’re just going for a drive listening to your favorite songs! Embrace Sexy!” wrote Christine on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Two months prior, Christine actually shared a picture of herself with Kody.

Which is unusual. Because the Sister Wives are almost never seen with their significant male other on social media.

Happy Anniversary to Us!

As for where things are headed for Christine and company?

We can't say for certain right now.

Once again, however, Christine has been the one to offer fans of her television show hope.

Based on something maybe she shouldn't have recently admitted, Christine strongly hinted that Sister Wives is coming back for another season.

We really hope that's true!

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