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As protests continue from coast to coast, realiy stars are addressing racism on The Bachelor and voicing support for Black Lives Matter.

But not everyone is onboard. When Bekah Martinez called out Garrett Yrigoyen on his "Thin Blue Line" post, he disinvited her from his home.

Garrett Yrigoyen
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Garrett Yrigoyen, who is still somehow engaged to the beautiful Becca Kufrin, spoke up last week.

And by "spoke up," we mean that he opted to plant his posterior on a fence to put up an empty message devoid of any helpful meaning.

"With so many friends and family in law enforcement," Garrett begins, already putting readers on edge.

He continues: "I couldn’t sit back and not support them."

Garrett, Becca
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"And the hundreds of thousands of men and women of all races that represent this Thin Blue Line as well," he says.

"We can’t judge an entire group of people by the actions of a few," Garrett insists.

"We can’t judge the peaceful protesters by the actions of the few violent protesters," he writes.

"And," Garrett claims, "we sure can’t judge all cops by the actions of a few bad ones."

Garrett Yrigoyen Photo
Photo via ABC

We’ll say this much — Garrett’s statement could have been much worse.

Considering the hateful, racist memes that he was "liking" on Instagram just a couple of years ago, he’s gone through some growth.

Whether that growth is in terms of his personal beliefs or simply having the sense to not air them on social media is still up for debate.

It doesn’t seem like that personal growth has given him a much better understanding of what is going on at the current protests, however.

Bekah Martinez, Side Boob
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Garrett is engaged to Becca, who of course shared a season of The Bachelor with Bekah Martinez as the two had the misfortune of dating Arie.

(Honestly, who cursed Becca? Engaged to Arie and now to Garrett … no one deserves that)

Bekah has moved on and is now a mom (and pregnant with baby #2), and has never balked at speaking her mind.

After Garrett posted his wishy-washy clownery that completely missed the point, Bekah replied.

"Wow wow wow," Bekah marveled at Garrett’s weak-ass post.

"So interesting that you stay silent about black lives," she observed, "but just HAVE to speak out about cops."

"You’ve made your views known before," Bekah writes, referring to Garrett’s shameful, hateful Instagram scandal.

"And," she remarks, "here’s a great reminder that not much has changed."

Garrett shared a screenshot of that reply with his own commentary included.

"I remember you saying how much you loved me to Becca," Garrett wrote.

"And," he recalled, "you made a mistake for judging me in the past without knowing me."

"Needless to say you never got to know me, still don’t know me," Garrett accused, "and you’re no longer invited over."

Photo via Instagram

"Now that I’ve got your attention with a cute photo of us camping," Bekah began in a post of her own.

She then affirms: "Let me make something clear: BLUE LIVES ARE NOT A THING."

People sometimes refer to police offers as "blue lives," always in an attempt to drown out the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Here’s the thing: being black is not a uniform you can remove on your days off," Bekah explains.

Bekah Martinez, Topless on Instagram
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"It definitely does not protect you from the justice system," Bekah laments of the status of being Black in the US.

"It is not something you get PAID to be," she continues.

"And," Bekah adds, "it is most certainly not something you can quit or retire from."

She is correct on all counts. The same cannot be said for choosing to become a police officer.

Bekah Martinez on Facetime
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"You can love a cop, marry a cop, have a brother who’s a cop…" she writes.

"And you can still hate the Blue Lives Matter movement," Bekah affirms, "and what it represents."

What it represents is, during the safest time in many decades to be a police officer, an effort to turn policing into an identity instead of a job.

Bekah Martinez Shows Some Skin
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"You can choose to support cops," Bekah writes.

She continues: "AND understand that the ‘thin blue line’ flag now represents and signals BLUE LIVES MATTER to the majority of the population."

Bekah is right.

She is also taking an extremely moderate position compared to most of the rhetoric on social media — probably to hand-hold some Bachelor fans.

Bekah Martinez and Her Two Coconuts
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To explain why Garrett’s position is so controversial, first of all, as Bekah said, he said more in support of police than in support of black Ameicans being murdered by them.

Second of all, we have all spent the past week watching video after video on social media of heinous and escalating police violence against innocent protesters.

In so many of these videos, such as the heartbreaking assault on the 76-year-old man in Buffalo, people have been left wondering where these "good cops" are hiding.

Bekah Flips the Bird
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Garrett is confusing discourse about police with judgments of individuals.

Sure, a good person might sign up to be a police officer — even if we’re all curious to have not seen them in recent videos.

But to try to conflate someone’s job with a marginalized group’s identity isn’t just absurd — it is downright sinister.

That is why she’s telling Garrett that there’s no such thing as "blue lives." It’s true, and she should say it.