Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen: Is It Over?

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In 2018, despite more or less everyone's advice, Becca Kufrin chose Garrett Yrigoyen on Season 14 of The Bachelorette.

But over the weekend, social media was abuzz. Did they break up?

Becca Kufrin, Garrett Yrigoyen

Last month, Becca and Garrett celebrated the two-year anniversary of their engagement.

Though the two of them broke the Fantasy Suite bed when they finally got a chance to bone, fans took issue with Becca's choice.

Why? Because, though Becca did not know it, Garrett was apparently a huge fan of vile, bigoted posts of the worst kind.

Becca is a good person who supports positive causes, but Garrett issued a public apology and Becca stood by him.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Together

But naturally, fans have spent the past two years wondering how they could possibly make it work.

it's more than just a "can a progressive and a conservative love each other?" question, because of course they can.

It's not even clear if Garrett identifies as a conservative, but that's also kind of moot.

The hateful memes that he "liked" transcend the political aisle, as Reality Steve pointed out when the scandal broke.

Garrett Yrigoyen and Becca Kufrin

So, did something finally snap in their relationship?

Many fans speculated that Garrett had said something in relation to the murder of George Floyd or the courageous nationwide protests.

Resolving to learn and grow and do better as a person is great, but if he still had something to unlearn at this pivotal time, that could have been enough.

Did Becca finally end their engagement -- an engagement that has yet to present fans with anything approaching wedding plans?

Rebecca Kufrin

Well, Becca took to her Instagram Stories to address the rumors.

"According to social media, @gy_yrigoyen and I broke up," she writes.

Becca continues, saying that people seemed to think that they were over "because he was gone fishing over the weekend."

The photo that accompanied her text really says it all.

Becca Kufrin IG Story - still with Garrett Yrigoyen

In the image, we see Becca cuddling with a shirtless Garrett in bed.

Their dog is there, too.

it is a very sweet and cozy photo, and not the sort of thing that one would share after a breakup -- even if it were a throwback.

As it is, we're pretty sure that the photo is very recent.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen Engagement Pic

Well, there you have it.

Maybe people saw Becca without Garrett and assumed that they were broken up.

Maybe the fandom's opinions about whether or not they are truly compatible played a role in that.

If you believe that a couple is doomed to fall apart sooner rather than later, it's natural that you might jump to a conclusion.

Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen

But it seems that Becca and Garrett are happy together, even if fishing is something that he does without Becca by his side.

Honestly, fishing is not for everyone, and even the most committed couples spend time apart ... with rare exceptions of couple who make a point to not do that.

Garrett likes fishing so much that it's one of the most-seen photos of him.

Many men have been ridiculed for holding a fish in their Tinder bios. Garrett's no longer one of them -- but only because he's not on Tinder.

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