Tarik Myers Blames Dean Hashim: My Brother Got Us Fired from 90 Day Fiance Pillow Talk!

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Many months ago, when Dean Hashim and Tim Malcolm quashed their feud, Dean hinted that Tarik Myers was why they had left Pillow Talk.

It was a stunning accusation ... but now Tarik is hitting back, and this rift has gotten even uglier.

Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim on Pillow Talk

Dean and Tarik were suddenly no longer filming for 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk late last year, and fans wondered why.

The brothers are fan favorites -- nearly universally beloved.

It couldn't have been TLC's choice to take them permanently out of rotation on the show. That wouldn't make sense.

As you can imagine, fans immediately wanted to know what had happened.

Dean Hashim on 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk

The first rumor was that they had been fired after they, and particularly Dean, repeated rumors about Tim Malcolm.

Tim is a 90 Day Fiance star who takes care of his skin, nails, and hair.

This was the source of gay rumors about him and, even more bizarrely, trans rumors.

Tim is, to be clear, cisgender. He's not trans. 90 Day Fiance has yet to feature a transgender star.

Tim Malcolm Mirror Selfie

However, not only did Dean and Tim make peace, but Dean affirmed that Tim played no role in the end of his Pillow Talk career.

Dean said that, rather, the true culprit was considerably closer to home.

According to Dean, he had been betrayed by someone close to him -- family, or close to it.

It was only natural that fans quickly assumed that Dean was saying that it was Tarik who had abruptly ended their run on the show.

Tarik Myers and Dean Hashim, Pillow Talk promo

There was another rumor, however.

90 Day Fiance troublemaker Ricky Reyes has had drama with a lot of other stars and also with his own fans.

There was an incident in which he used the N-word, which is completely unacceptable.

Like all slurs, the N-word is only acceptable for use by the people against whom it is directed.

Ricky Reyes Shames Stars Who Beg for Cash

The rumor was that, since Tarik had stayed "cool" with Ricky, perhaps Dean had been pissed at him for the perceived betrayal.

"Not a single solitary soul had anything to do with this other than me and the person In referring to," Tarik said in comments last year.

For clarity and emphasis, he added: "Not Tim, not Ricky, not anyone"

"This is about family betraying family," Tarik affirmed. "Period."

Tarik Myers vs Dean Hashim IG Story

Tarik has allowed questions to linger for months before, this past weekend, he took aim at Dean in a detailed Instagram Story post.

"He quit. Out of the blue," Tarik writes. "His reasons? He said I was copying him, and wouldn’t let him finish his ‘jokes”. Delusional."

"He said I was cutting HIM off. Imagine that," he marvels. "He said either they fire me or he quits."

"Who brought him into this? Me," Tarik adds.

Dean Hashim and Tarik Myers on Pillow Talk

"EVERYONE including me were stunned," Tarik recalls, "and I asked to talk to him twice."

"He said no TWICE," he laments. "They couldn’t believe he was being so childish"

"Blocked me and Hazel out [of the] blue," Tarik shares.

Speaking of his wife, he adds: "She was hurt the most."

Tarik and Hazel

"THAT’S when I said its middle finger time," Tarik reveals.

"So if we were your favorites just know I tried," he tells fans.

Tarik adds: "His words were “I am THE (not one of) but THE STAR!’"

"I’m getting this out of the way now be[cause] I’m tired of hearing about it," Tarik concludes. "You heard it from the horse’s mouth now."

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