Sophia Hutchins: I've NEVER Boned Caitlyn Jenner! She's Like a Parent!

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It was not until late last year that Sophie Hutchins really shot down relationship rumors that claimed that she and Caitlyn Jenner were a couple.

She insists that they are just friends and, in many ways, more like family ... but admits that it's her own fault that the rumors still linger.

Sophia Hutchins Celebrates Birthday with Caitlyn Jenner

Sophia Hutchins sat down for an interview (in person, of all things) with the Juicy Scoop podcast.

In addition to reiterating her recent denials that she and Cait are a couple, she says that living with her gal pal isn't always easy.

"We had to put a lock on my door because Caitlyn decided to barge into my room while I had a friend over," Sophia reveals.

She says that, as she has been dating, Cait "kind of saw a lot of things happening."

Sophia Hutchins Sips an Afternoon Rose

A lot of us have been walked in on in the midst of a hookup, but it's usually an accident.

"Oh," Sophia assures, "she knew he was there."

To be clear, she's not accusing Caitlyn of trying to perv on them or whatever.

We get the impression that, in Sophia's mind, Cait had some protective concerns towards Sophia that led her to interrupt the tryst.

Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins

"It's kind of like living with your parents," Sophia characterizes.

We cannot imagine that Caitlyn would enjoy that comparison.

What roommate or friend would?

"And," she shares, "I'm like oh, this might be a turning point where I might need to move out."

Sophia Hutchins, Golden Gate Bridge

"It's more parental," Sophia emphasizes.

"I date guys," she narrates, "And Caitlyn's like, I gotta sign off on him."

'It's very parental, very protective," Sophia shares.

To be fair, young beautiful trans women are in particular danger while dating, from men who fetishize their bodies to men who might kill them.

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner, Golfing

"It was never romantic," Sophia clarifies of her bond with Cait. "Never sexual."

'It was very much friends but I understand why people perceived it that way," she acknowledges.

"We never addressed it," Sophia admits, "and that was part of the problem."

Sometimes, you have to get ahead of the story. People see two women vacationing and living together and will connect the dots themselves.

Sophia Hutchins Mirror Selfie

"I don't have plans to move out," Sophia adds, sharing that Cait's barging in was not a dealbreaker.

"But," she announces, "I am in the real estate market for a home in Calabasas."

"I don't want to leave her by herself," Sophia emphasizes.

"But," she adds of Caitlyn, "she also knows that I'm getting older and I want to be able to have my own life."

Sophia Hutchins

Well, if Sophia is in the market for a Calabasas home, we undestand that Kylie is dipping her toes into that market.

It's great that Sophia and Cait have been able to forge this friendship, but it's no real surprise.

When you're possibly the only two Republican trans women on the face of the planet, you're bound to bond with each other.

(Sophia is not a registered Republican but has espoused some extremely conservative views over the years)

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