Kylie Jenner Purchases Yuge Parcel of Land For New Instagram Palace

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It turns out that Kylie Jenner buying a $36 million mansion apparently just to have a more comfortable quarantine was only the beginning.

The makeup mogul dropped millions on a hefty plot of land ... and plans to build a truly colossal dream mansion.

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Kylie Jenner appears to have dreams of either becoming a real estate tycoon ... or constructing the mega-mansion of her dreams.

The self-made billionaire purchased a 5-acre plot of land in her hometown, Hidden Hills.

Despite being undeveloped, the land cost a whopping $15 million.

That means $3 million per acre. Location really is key.

Kylie Jenner Quarantine

The parcel of land may not have any structures on it, but the purchase came with an included approved building permit.

The pre-approved plans are to erect a 18,000 square foot mansion.

If constructed, the residential behemoth would feature a 12-car garage, a guesthouse, a barn, and a guard shack that could house a full time security team.

It would laso include a court for sports and a luxurious pool. Powerful monarchs have made do with less.

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Interestingly, Kylie is not the first celebrity to own this particular patch of land.

From 2015 to 2018, the 5 acre parcel belonged to none other than Miley Cyrus.

Under Miley's ownership, the land was used to house horses. Miley loves to keep animals, as we all know.

But then, in 2018, it changed hands.

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Miley sold the property to a non-famous woman.

The new owner demolished the ranch structures, making the property more neutral.

She then went on to get approval for the elaborate (potential) 18,000 square foot mansion that we described.

But instead of trying to construct the titanic residence, she instead sold the parcel to the billionaire MILF who now owns it.

Kylie Jenner in Isolation

Kylie could, of course, merely hold onto the property and planning to sell it.

Land is generally a good investment, but that is especially true in Los Angeles.

Demand for most properties will only go up, and so will the price. At least, that's the conventional wisdom.

But it seems more likely that Kylie plans on making a new home for herself.

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First of all, this Hidden Hills gated community is right by Calabasas, so it's a great location for her to be close to family.

Second of all, when money is no object, building your dream home just makes sense.

Why accept the pros and cons of a house that someone else designed when you can have everything that you want in one place?

Besides, after a scary incident with a stalker who showed up at her house last year, Kylie likely wants to feel secure and in control.

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But choosing to build on that land doesn't mean that Kylie has to move forward with the 18,000 square foot abode that was already approved.

She could come up with her own designs -- and hire the best architects in the world to iron out the details.

Designing and building a house from scratch is expensive, especially in L.A. where environmental impact studies are required for just about everything.

But Kylie can drop tens of millions at the drop of a hat. Money is truly no object.

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So what will become of the $36 million already-built mansion that Kylie just bought?

She may be thinking about her social life, despite her apparent intentions to have as many as seven children.

Having a second home in the heart of L.A., near her friends and favorite hot spots, is very convenient, especially considering L.A. traffic.

Besides, since the home's value is likely to only increase, Kylie made a sound investment.

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