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Meri Brown has become known of late for penning cryptic messages on social media about Sister Wives.

Over the weekend, however, the veteran reality star instead wrote a very straightforward message about her own sister.

Meri Brown on the Couch

Teresa Barber Kunz was diagnosed with bowel cancer about 15 years ago and passed away 11 months later.

Meri has cited this tragedy on occasion in the ensuing decade-plus, during her time in the spotlight as a TLC personality, but she went into more detail than ever on May 2.

"If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE Disney. All things Disney. Mr Walt himself I am fascinated with," wrote the Sister Wives cast member to open a caption to the photo immediately below.

Continued Meri, explaining the importance and relevance of this Disney obsession:

"If you may have had the pleasure to know my sister Teresa, you would have known that her love for Mickey would have left me in the dust! I mean, Mickey was where it was at!"

The picture of Teresa featured here was snapped of her at Disney World in Florida.

"We were lucky enough to have grandparents who lived in southern California, and most summers we got to visit, and always went to Disneyland. Teresa always had a dream of going to Disney World in Florida," explained Meri.

Meri Brown Hangs Outside

Meri, whose marriage to Kody appears to be in rough shape, added the following:

"When she was diagnosed with cancer, her sweet husband knew it was time to get here there. I’m so glad he did. This is one of my favorite photos of her there.

"What a dream come true for her!!"

From there, Brown shifted into inspirational mode.

Meri Brown Hangs Outside

She tried to use her personal heartbreak in order to send an important message to all of her fans and followers.

"Go, live your life. Live your dreams," wrote the star, adding:

Love your people. You never know if life will be cut short.

Teresa was way too young, but she lived her life to the fullest while she was here. How strange it is that I’ve lived 14 years without her here.

Meri Brown with a Smirk

Pretty sage words, no?

With Sister Wives viewers urging Meri to walk away from Kody after all these years, Brown concluded by wishing a happy birthday to her "sweet sister" and used these hashtags:

#LivingMyWhy #BecauseICan #LoveWhatIDo #LoveWhoIAm #LiveYourLife #LoveYourLife #LiveYourDreams #HappyBirthday #Family

We appreciate Meri’s candor here and send our best wishes to her and her loved ones.

May Teresa rest in peace.