Mackenzie McKee: I'm SOOO Done with My Husband ... Probably!

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Mackenzie McKee was barely in the last season of Teen Mom OG, but man, there was more than enough to cement her place in the show, right?

The emotional scenes with her mother's cancer battle tugged at everyone's heartstrings, and as if that wasn't enough to inspire viewers to tune in?

There was also plenty of drama with her husband, Josh.

Like, enough that they're now headed for a divorce.

And according to some new statements she just made on Instagram, she's more than ready for the divorce to be finalized ... probably. Most likely.

Take a look ...

1. So Many Troubles

So Many Troubles
Let's be real, Mackenzie and Josh have never had a picture perfect relationship.

2. Memories

He got her pregnant when they were teenagers, securing her spot on Teen Mom 3, and they went on to get married and have two more children together, but like ... they were hardly "goals" or anything.

3. Dang It, Josh

Dang It, Josh
Honestly, it seemed like Josh simply tolerated Mackenzie at best.

4. Well ...

Well ...
That's why it wasn't too surprising when their marriage blew up on the last season of Teen Mom OG.

5. Bringing the Drama

Bringing the Drama
Mackenzie popped up on the show towards the end of the season as a bit of a trial run -- the idea seemed to be that if she did well, MTV would offer her a permanent spot. And, well, it seems like she really did her best.

6. Poor Angie

Poor Angie
For one, she's currently dealing with her mother, who is suffering from cancer and was given just six months to live back in the spring. The scenes featuring this have been heartbreaking, but a lot of people have related to it as well.

7. Here We Go

Here We Go
And for two, Josh introduced a cheating storyline pretty much right off the bat.

8. Ugh

In one episode, Mackenzie discussed how she feared Josh was unfaithful since he's often away from home for work (he does rodeo stuff). Then a woman actually texted her to let her know that her own husband had cheated on her at a bar, and Josh was with the guy at the time -- and he was talking to another woman, too.

9. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
Shortly after that, a woman came forward to tell OK magazine that she'd spotted Josh getting frisky at another bar with someone who definitely wasn't Mackenzie.

10. Not Having It

Not Having It
Whatever happened, Mackenzie felt strongly enough about it that she publicly announced her split from Josh -- last month, she tweeted "I would like to say, that due to stress, me needing to stay focused, the media, etc. I am deciding my marriage needs a break. My heart breaks for my kids. But as of right now, this is what’s best. Thank you."

11. A Break, Huh?

A Break, Huh?
But it quickly started sounding like less of a break and more of a split -- after that, she called herself "freshly single" in a caption of a selfie on Instagram.

12. Well Then

Well Then
Since then, she's gotten more and more bold in her statements about her marriage -- she's called Josh a "horrible person," an "idiot," and more. It's pretty clear at this point that she's done with him.

13. Wait ...

Wait ...

14. A Quick Interview

A Quick Interview
Just this morning, Mackenzie hopped on her Instagram stories to ask her followers for a Q&A, and the girl did not hold back.

15. Just Friends?

Just Friends?
Someone asked her if she and Josh are going forward with the divorce, and she answered "I don't know how to be his wife. Working on myself and accepting him as a friend."

16. Letting Go

Letting Go
Then someone else asked "Are you and Josh done done or just taking a break working things out," and her answer was a little more interesting.

17. Not Working

Not Working
"I have let him go," she began. "I have to learn to love myself first. I have been with him for the kids only and it just wasn't working. I am giving this to god and I truly believe he will give me the guy I belong with. Could be Josh, could be Channing Tatum who knows."

18. What?

See what we mean? She won't directly say she's divorcing him, she just says things like she's "let him go," then goes on to say that she might still end up with him. It's confusing.

19. Interesting

She switched gears for just a moment to answer a question about having more kids - she said that if she did have anymore, it would be "only via adoption."

20. Where Though?

Where Though?
Then it's back to Josh -- a follower asked "What made you decide that you needed to leave your hubby?" and she replied with "Where do I even start?"

21. Not So Fast!

Not So Fast!
And when another person wanted some advice on "how to still be a family without being together," she was truthful in saying "This disaster in my life has just began."

22. Sorry, Josh

Sorry, Josh
"He would like to see us work out," she added about his opinion on the matter.

23. OK ...

OK ...
When the topic of apologies was brought up, she wrote "He's said sorry to me for his wrongdoings. And I came clean about everything I've done and said sorry to him. He has been praying with me and we both ask god to lead us where he wants us."

24. Girl!

But then when she was asked if she wanted things to work out, she responded with just a video of herself shaking her head.

25. Nice

But are she and Josh getting along all right while they're figuring everything out? Not so much.

26. Classic

"Best friends one minute," she said, "throwing a whole ass Mountain Dew from Sonic on him the next."

27. Changing Her Mind

Changing Her Mind
As for what might change her mind about leaving Josh, she said "The good lord would have to really change my heart."

28. Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy
She also confirmed something that she'd said recently, which was that she and Josh have both cheated on each other during their marriage, so there's that.

29. Moving On?

Moving On?
One particularly interesting thing she said elsewhere in the Q&A was that while she loves her home state of Oklahoma, she's "currently looking at small farms in Missouri to raise my kids on."

30. What's Going On?

What's Going On?
Considering all of this, it sounds like she knows things are over, she's even looking at moving to another state, but it's just hard for her to come out and say "yes, we're divorcing."

31. Anyway ... We Are Praying For Her

Anyway ... We Are Praying For Her
Whatever ends up happening, we wish Mackenzie nothing but the best. Because for real, what a tough time, right?

32. As For Whether There's a New Man in Her Life ...

As For Whether There's a New Man in Her Life ...
Sounds like it ... but probably not what some fans were expecting or hoping for. We wish her and Jesus all the best in their relationship!

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