Chris Harrison Confirms Victoria Fuller-Chris Soules Banging: It's Shocking ... Yet Not!

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Victoria Fuller's multiple controversies didn't hold her back from banging Chris Soules, the Bachelor Nation's favorite farmer.

Chris Harrison admits that he's surprised, but even he admits that he can see how the two have a lot in common.

Chris Harrison on ABC

The legendary host is the first to admit that this romance came "out of the blue."

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about Victoria F and Chris S sheltering in place together, though, he understands it.

"Nobody saw it coming... but great," Chris expresses.

Honestly, that's a very healthy attitude that some fans could stand to emulate, right?

The Bachelor Chris Soules

"I guess he slid into her DMs -- is that how that works?" Chris muses.

Sliding into DMs isn't mysterious. It's literally sending someone a private message.

"I don't know," Chris admits, "but good on them."

Again, DMing someone is just talking to them. Sliding into DMs is just the lfirty way of saying that.

Chris Soules Sunset Photo

"I hope they're happy," Chris states.

"And," he adds, "I hope she's driving tractors around, flipping up the soybeans and all that good stuff. That's great."

Sort of odd to wish happiness on someone and then turn around and wish that they're laboring on a farm.

We get it, Chris is a farmer, but ... not everyone enjoys that kind of work.

Chris Soules, Back in the Day

"I think they both have similar pasts," Chris opines about the seemingly random pairing.

He adds: "I think they have things they can relate to with each other."

That is generally how relationships work, yes.

But in particular, these are two familiar faces to the Bachelor Nation whose love lives fizzled out.

Victoria Fuller Picture

"Chris is a good man," the other Chris states.

"I've known Chris for a long time," he notes, "and love him to death."

"And," Chris adds, "I do know that he was very serious about 'I live in Iowa.'"

Chris Soules At Radio Disney Awards

"He has a very successful farm. ..." Chris priases.

He adds: 'It is in the middle of nowhere."

Yes, that is generally how farms work.

If they were located closer to civilization, there wouldn't be enough room for the crops.

Victoria Fuller Pic

Of that remote location, Chris adds, "he's not finding a Victoria out there."

Nor, he acknowledges, would he be likely to find any other woman of Victoria's caliber by bumping into them in a barn.

"And so," Chris reasons, "this is the only way he's gonna find somebody."

You could do worse than having your pick of The Bachelor contestants.

Chris Soules Looks Dapper

"So good on him, man," Chris expresses.

He adds: "I wish him all the best."

"And however they wanna define it, when they define it [is up to them]," Chris adds.

Notably, Victoria and Chris have not exactly made things crystal clear for fans, and that's just fine.

Victoria Fuller on the Farm

Chris admits that he has not seen Victoria in person since the Tell All.

He recalls: "I said [to her], 'You did great.'"

"I was like, 'I'm really proud of you. I wish I had seen this girl. ... I would've loved to have seen her on The Bachelor,'" Chris expresses

"And," he adds, "she's like, 'I know, sometimes this show just kinda gets the better of you,'"

Victoria Fuller Eye Roll

"Kelley [Flanagan] is a great example," Chris says, referring to the show getting the better of people.

He adds: "And I think that's why maybe her and Peter [Weber] are connecting now,"

Chris explains that Kelley wasn't necessarily bad for Peter just "because she didn't perform well on the show."

'It got the better of her," he reasons.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan on Tik Tok

"And she outthought herself," Chris suggests, "and I think Victoria did the same thing."

"Now maybe she is just calm, cool, collected," he adds.

'And," he states, "if she's finding love with Chris, great."

Chris Harrison Red Carpet Pic

He also talks about the greatest hits series that the franchise is running.

"The quarantine has definitely spurred this thing on," Chris explains.

He adds: "and [Bachelor creator] Mike Fleiss and I started talking immediately"

"And," Chris shares, they "thought, 'What could we do? Everybody wants content, and then there was this clamoring for old seasons of The Bachelor.'"

Victoria Fuller Instagram Photo

"A lot of people missed some huge, pivotal seasons," Chris points out.

Some people are extremely new to the franchise.

In fact, some fans were born after it began.

"So let's go back... [and] make it fun and interesting and very different," Chris concludes.

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