Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED For Endangering Kids Amid Pandemic!

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Jenelle Evans will never be a favorite among Teen Mom 2 fans.

She's just given the people too much to hate over the course of her decade in the spotlight. 

Jenelle Evans: Mother's Day 2020

And when it comes to Jenelle, you really have your choice in terms of what you want to hate the most.

There's the bigotry, the bullying of her co-workers, the mistreatment of animals, the rampant substance abuse ...

You name an awful behavior, and Jenelle has engaged in it. A lot.

Of course, the one that rubs most people the wrong way is Jenelle's treatment of her kids.

Jenelle Evans and 2 Kids

Evans lost custody of her children back in 2019, and while she was eventually able to convince the court to give most of them back, she's still engaging in some seriously questionable behavior.

Ignoring public health warnings is way, way down there on the list of awful things that Jenelle has done to her kids, but it's still worth mentioning.

Last week, Jenelle celebrated Mother's Day by dragging her kids and her troglodyte husband to a local beach.

To be fair, North Carolina had already begun lifting social distancing restrictions and beaches were open to the public.

Jenelle's Mother's Day

Jenelle and David have been suspiciously quiet about the coronavirus pandemic, but they strike us as the type to dismiss the whole thing as a gosh-dang liberal hoax.

Perhaps we're just jumping to conclusions about David's ignorance based on his recent racist rant against Michelle Obama.

Whatever the case, it seems the Easons are making a point of getting out and about as often as possible.

Earlier this week, Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, posted this pic of 3-year-old Ensley enjoying some beach time:

Ensley on the Beach

“Ensley catching some Sun. Yay!! Beach is open. Oak island NC," Barbara captioned the pic.

Not surprisingly, Barbara's followers were quick to point out that re-opening is a gradual process, and everyone -- especially those who are in at-risk age groups -- should still be exercising caution,

“Beach opening doesn’t mean flock down there. This is still a pandemic! It’s not a free for all!" one person wrote. 

“Be careful if there are lots of people," another cautioned.

Jenelle and Daughter

“Yikes. My state reopened last week and i still think it’s way too soon," another added.

“Social distancing. Police ride down beach every hour or so," Babs shot back.

“Barbara is of an older age and needs to stay well for Jace. She should be taking extra precautions," one concerned user replied,

Not only does she need to stay well for Jenelle's eldest son Jace -- of whom Barbara still has full custody -- she also needs to stay well for the rest of he kids.

David on an Island

Yes, it appears that Jenelle and David have also been enjoying some outings just the two of them.

And since the Easons have been complaining that no one will babysit their kids, it's safe to assume they dumped the tykes off with Babs.

“We have this island to ourselves,” David captioned a photo on Instagram.

It certainly seems that Jenelle and David are throwing caution to the wind.

Jenelle Fell

But at least they also provided some comic relief.

At one during their fishing excursion, Jenelle fell in a muddy river.

The last time she took a tumble in her husband's presence, Evans called 911 and accused Eason of breaking her collarbone, but it looks like this time there were no serious injuries.

The fun never stops with this "#husbandwifecomedy" team!

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