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Early this month, no one was more astonished than we were to report that David Murphey’s lady love Lana is a real person.

This week, we watched as the 90 Day Fiance star and his girlfriend met in person for the very first time.

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On Sunday, May 24, viewers finally saw David Murphey’s first in-person meeting with Lana.

"After seven years of chatting online and four failed meeting attempts, I am finally with Lana,”

“I cannot believe she’s with me," he marveled.

"And," David added, "the fact that we are about to have our first date together in person is incredible."

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Incredible in the literal sense — just a few weeks ago, we would have all said that this was truly not credible.

Lana, on whom David had spent tens of thousands of dollars while chatting, was surely a catfish.

But she’s a real 27-year-old woman from Ukraine. And David could not stop marveling at her beauty.

"All the photos I saw before couldn’t prepare me for how beautiful she is in person," the 60-year-old gushed.

David Murphey and Lana Snap a Selfie

Lana agreed to go on a date with David. They went to a coffee shop.

David was excited to finally get to shower her in gifts and chocolate.

That may seem like a lot, but it’s customary to give gifts when traveling.

Still, the date was not without its hiccups.

Lana is Apparently Real

David did confess that he had gone to an address that she had given him and even hired a private investigator to try to track her down.

"I fired him," he told her, "so none of that really matters anymore because our future starts now."

Lana was understandably upset.

The entire reason to give a man a fake address is so that he doesn’t show up at your door … in this case, a very realistic fear on Lana’s part.

David Murphey and Lana Pose for the Camera

However, after some careful thought, Lana did decide to keep going with David.

They went on a bowling date, and he asked if she would give him a kiss if he bowled a strike. (What sitcom nonsense was that?)

Lana, having only recently met him in person, protested that it was a little too early in their relationship for kissing on the mouth.

But David was once a professional bowler and did land a strike. Lana, true to her word (thanks to the pressure of being filmed), did kiss him.

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David also brought up the topic of getting engaged, noticing that his time in Ukraine is limited.

"I think a little more time is necessary," Lana explained gently."

"But I hope that I will be able to give you an answer before you return back home,” she added.

David invited Lana back to his hotel room, but Lana declined, saying: “I think it’s a bit early for that."

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Notably, though Lana understands English just fine, the two used a translation app in order to talk.

Given David’s confession, it is understandable that Lana is hesitant with him and is moving cautiously.

It seems like, in David’s mind, they’ve been in this relationship since they first began speaking to one another seven years ago.

In Lana’s mind, that was just talking, and now that they have met, the relationship has genuinely begun.