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90 Day Fiance stars are accustomed to being accused of seeking fame instead of love or just of being douchecanoes. It goes with the territory.

But when Avery Warner’s ex "anonymously" accused her of being a deadbeat mom, she knew that she had to clap back hard.

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"Someone" put out a list of "10 truths" about Avery Warner on social media.

The bullet point list was more or less a series of rephrases of one claim: that Avery is a deadbeat mom to her eldest daughter, who is 10 years old.

Now, Avery is speaking to In Touch Weekly about the hateful claims, universally believed to have come from her ex.

"Now that he has more leverage and people to play with who don’t actually know the situation," she says, "he is trying to take full advantage of that."

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Avery explains that her ex is doing this "just to try to exert his anger towards me."

She is part of an ongoing custody battle, but is obviously unwilling to disclose the details of this battle at the moment.

Avery will, however, address things that “were said on this anonymous Instagram account."

She is also happy to share "more about the person who is making these evidence-free accusations."

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The "anonymous" hater claims that Avery makes no effort to see, call, or financially support her eldest daughter.

"I do not post my oldest daughter on my public accounts," she explains, "so that I can maintain and keep the peace with my daughter’s father."

"I have regular Skype calls with my daughter outside of our times together," Avery reveals.

She notes: "I just posted a video on Facebook just a couple weeks ago of me celebrating her birthday in quarantine."

Avery and Ash

As for financial support, Avery says that this claim is easy to debunk.

"I have proof of that," she shares, "and in the state of Washington, you can’t get your passport if you are not paid up with your child support."

The troll also said that Avery is bipolar and "lies" about having it while refusing to take much needed medications.

"I suffered from severe postpartum depression after my daughter was born," Avery recalls.

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She acknowledges the post-partum depression, "which I sought medical help for, it is nothing to be ashamed of."

“It happens to a lot of women, it happened to me with both my kids," Avery affirmes.

"And," she shares, "I was able to achieve a positive recovery after both. That is what his statement was referring to."

Meanwhile, Avery asks that anyone considering the trolls claims to take into consideration that he himself has an "extensive criminal history."

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"Just a couple years ago I was able to get three contempt charges filed against him," Avery reveals.

She shares that he was charged "for not following the parenting plan and withholding my visitation."

Avery does note that things have “changed now."

Additionally, she shares that she is only addressing any of this vindictive beast’s claims about her for the sake of her 10-year-old.

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Avery says that she is not educating fans "in hopes to change my haters’ minds, although I would hope it would shine a little light."

"The actual reason I’m writing this is, because I would hate for my oldest daughter to potentially stumble upon this information in the future," she says.

Avery fears that her now-10-year-old could find this "on the internet and have it pain her seeing that I didn’t stand up for her and our relationship together,”

“I don’t want that side to be the only side out there," she affirms. That is very smart.

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Avery is not the only voice being raised in her own defense.

if you’ve read our 90 Day Fiance breakup spoilers and especially leaked details about the Tell All, you know that Avery is single.

But just because she is no longer with Ash Naeck does not mean that he has nothing to say on this important matter.

Ash reached out to describe Avery as an "exemplary mum" and as someone with the "biggest heart."

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Avery comments: "I do appreciate his words."

When one ex is going through your throat, it’s good for another to have your back.

Our best wishes go out to Avery and her daughters.

Some people become irrationally hateful after breakups. It’s just a shame when that loathing impacts children.