Amy Roloff Meets Baby Lilah on Emotional Little People, Big World Finale

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If Tuesday night marked the final Little People, Big World episode of all-time, then the beloved reality show did not go out with a bang.

But rather with a whimper...

... from a very precious newborn!

Hi, Lilah!

Following the birth of Tori and Zach's daughter, Lilah, this latest installment of the TLC series featured the newborn going home -- and also meeting her grandparents for the first time.

Included on the finale were not just Amy and Matt Roloff, either, but also Gary and Kim Patton, Tori's parents, who were at the hospital the night their first granddaughter was born.

"It's comforting having your momma there," Tori said to the camera at one point. "Even after 28 years, you still want your momma there."

"You always want your momma there," Kim added. "After 61 years, you still want your momma there."

Talking About Kids

Later on, Amy arrives at the hospital and is, of course, also overjoyed to meet the newborn.

We see her hurrying over to greet her daughter-in-law and then taking little Lilah in her arms, growing understandably emotional in the process.

"Isn't she gorgeous?" Kim says. "She is so pretty."

"She is," Amy says. "Welcome to this world, Lilah."

Listening to Tori

In a confessional, Amy then talked candidly and proudly of the joyous news.

"I am very, very excited for Zach and Tori," she tells the camera, adding:

"They had planned and wanted another child, and she is healthy and she's a girl. I know Tori really wanted a girl. So if my kids are happy, I'll be happy."

Lilah, of course, was born in November, but these episodes were filmed months ago.

One Tori, Two Kids

"When you hold a baby, knowing that it's your granddaughter and everything, it's just -- what a blessing. What a miracle of life," continued the grandmother of four.

"And I just looked at her filled with so much love and the possibilities of life for her."

Elsewhere on the episode, not every Roloff family member was psyched to meet Lilah.

As is the case for many toddlers, three-year old Jackson had some challenges with becoming a big brother.

Talking About Kids

“It was really hard on me just because he walked in and just want[ed] nothing to do with it,” Tori said of how the sibling introduction went down, adding of her firstborn:

“He didn’t want to see his sister. That was hard. It was really hard for me.”

The reality star explained:

“It was the first step of, ‘Not everything’s gonna go the way you planned, Tori. You just gotta roll with the punches.’”

Jackson Knows Lilah

Zach felt the same way.

“We decided to give Jackson some space,” Zach revealed in his own confessional.

“In the meantime, we allowed my dad, [Matt Roloff], and [his girlfriend], Caryn Chandler, to have time with Lilah. Jackson just needed to breathe for a second.”

As you can see in this family photo, Jackson did eventually come around and the family of four is happier than ever.

Tori and Zach Roloff and Children

It may also expand at some point.

"Originally I was like, 'Two kids is my max,' " said Tori previously to People Magazine.

"But I can definitely see us having more. We're loving the season that we're in right now raising kids. Zach and I always say that we were built for this family life."

Little People, Big World has now ended its season and we await word from TLC that the series will be renewed.

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