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For a long time, the question of which Jersey Shore castmate stirs up the most drama was very much open for debate.

But these days, there’s no doubt that it’s Ronnie Magro.

Ronnie Magro In Quarantine

You know that friend of yours who seems to have a new complaint every time you see him?

Well, put him and his problems on steroids (both literally and figuratively) and his life might begin to approach the insanity of Ronnie’s.

Most of Magro’s issues have to do with his strained relationship with his baby mama/on-again, off-again girlfriend, Jen Harley.

Ronnie was arrested on domestic violence charges back in October, and you might think that would signal the end of the relationship.

Ronnie Is Upset

But you never know with these two.

After all, each of them has been accused of assaulting the other one on numerous occasions, including the famous incident in which Jen dragged Ronnie with her car.

As all of this was going on, Ronnie got sober with the help of Mike Sorrentino and a stint in rehab.

Things appear to have stabilized for the moment, but with his short temper and precarious circumstances, Ron never seems to be far from another breakdown, and fans are always on the lookout for signs of trouble.

Ronnie Just Chills

But this time, they might be the ones who are overreacting.

According to a new report from In Touch Ronnie’s followers became concerned when he posted a "cryptic" comment on Instagram:

“Meditation will help you realize the future and past you’re worried about don’t really exist in this moment, they are thoughts," Magro wrote.

"So, it’s your lack of control of your mind, not your future or past that’s the issue,” he added.

Ronnie Looks Ponderous

“Type ‘I am present’ to free yourself of your overactive imagination.”

Now, to those who are unfamiliar with the tenets and practices of mindfulness meditation, we can see why those remarks may have come off as a bit confusing.

But really, Ron is making perfect sense, and the post simply reflects his enthusiasm for the spiritual traditions that have helped him maintain his sobriety.

You’ve met Single Ronnie — now meet Siddhartha Ronnie.


Far from a cry for help, the post seems to indicate that Ronnie is doing better than ever.

Which is a good thing, as the coronavirus pandemic has apparently taken quite a toll on Magro, who has not seen his 2-year-old daughter since the lockdown began.

“Jen has had sole custody of Ariana since the pandemic began, as a restraining order is in place barring Ronnie from contacting her or the baby and she understands the importance of keeping her baby close while the virus rages,” Jen’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, told In Touch.

Ronnie, Child

“Jen posted some beautiful pictures of Ariana’s second birthday and appreciates all the good wishes she got on Instagram!” Bloom added.

“With her being 2 years old, I don’t trust a lot of people watching my daughter, and so it’s like I’ve had to put my career and my jobs or anything I have to do on the back-burner just because I’m with her,” Harley told the magazine.

“It’s hard to find anybody to watch her.” 

While these two should never, ever date again, we hope they can eventually reach the point where they’re both healthy enough to be truly collaborative co-parents.