Prince Harry Downplays Coronavirus, Gets Roasted by Health Experts

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Note to Ellen Pompeo:

You may next want to focus your wrath on Prince Harry.

Why do we say this?

Prince Harry Says Hello

Because the former Duke of Sussex just said in a podcast that the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t actually as terrible as what's being reported in the media. 

Was Harry just trying to give Great Britain residents a few reasons to maintain hope amid a very dark time?


But he definitely could have chosen some better words with which to do this.

Eff Those Royals

“I’m just so incredibly proud to see what these individuals up and down the country and across the world are doing,"  Prince Harry said on the podcast Declassified, adding:

"It’s also proving that I think things are better than we’re led to believe through certain corners of the media."

Really, Harry? Please continue...

“It can be very worrying when you’re sitting there and the only information you are getting is from certain news channels, but then if you are out and about or you are on the right platforms, you can really sense this human spirit coming to the forefront."

Prince Harry, On His Own

This latter point may very well be true.

The human spirit remains admirable in so many ways.

However, that doesn't mean the virus itself isn't as serious as it's been described by doctors and scientists across the globe.

As you might expect, Prince Harry’s remarks didn’t sit well with a number of health experts and professionals.

Prince Harry in a Nice Suit

Professor Karol Sikora, for example, said that his statement was “outrageous.” She also questioned the former Royal's qualifications to comment on Covid-19 at all.

“What are his qualifications for making these comments -- other than deserting his country in its hour of need?” Sikora said, expounding as follows:

“I think these remarks are outrageous. As for the media, I really don’t understand what Harry’s beef is. Journalists have been reporting the facts and have been doing great work in holding the Government to account.

"The media has also championed the NHS and become a key ally of doctors, nurses and key workers.

"They should be applauded, not vilified.”

Prince Harry as Host

Elsewhere, Nadra Ahmed of the National Care Association believes that Prince Harry “hasn’t seen all the evidence.”

According to this expert, health and care staff are suffering from mental anguish and some of the things she heard are “harrowing.”

To Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's credit, the couple is living in Los Angeles right now and, last week, they volunteered to deliver hot meals for sick people around the area. 

And that may be the lesson here:

Talkless, Harry and other celebrities. Talk less and do more.

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