Ellen Pompeo Puts TV Doctors on Blast: You Frauds are Killing People!

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Ellen Pompeo plays perhaps the most famous fictional doctor on television right now.

Over the weekend, however, the beloved and outspoken actress held absolutely nothing back in trashing supposedly real doctors who continue to appear on  television...

... and continue to offer up misguided, dangerous advice to the public when it comes to the Coronavirus.

Ellen Pompeo on the Finale

On Saturday morning, the Grey's Anatomy lead took to Twitter to trash "out of touch" physicians -- such as Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil -- for spreading controversial opinions about this ongoing pandemic.

"The old white guy TV docs who say stupid selfish sh-t should yes... walk that sh-t right back... to your lazy boys and sit your stupid asses down in your living rooms on your golf courses where you live," Pompeo Tweeted.

"Tired out of touch old fools don't get me started today."

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Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew Pinsky have appeared regularly on the small screen of late.

The trio has made many headlines for going on air to make ridiculous claims and comments regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, despite not being experts on infectious diseases.

Heck, Dr. Phil is not even a medical doctor.

"Also to those out of touch tv docs which I'm sure they would call me lol...you took an oath so so many years ago to do no harm...

"making careless statements in this environment when so many healthcare workers are suffering physically and emotionally....is defying that oath."

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During an interview on Fox News last Tuesday, Dr. Oz said that the prospect of reopening schools despite the ongoing coronavirus outbreak sounded like an "appetizing opportunity."


Because the opening of schools "may only cost 2 to 3 percent in terms of total mortality."

Yup. He really said this.

Ellen Pompeo in Scrubs

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Dr. Oz also added:

"We need our mojo back. Let's start with things that are really critical to the nation where we think we might be able to open without getting into a lot of trouble.

"I tell you, schools are a very appetizing opportunity."

So what is tens of thousands of more people die as a result, right?

Ellen Pompeo Close-Up

On Thursday, after garnering backlash for his remarks, Dr. Oz posted a video on Twitter addressing the criticism.

On Twitter, though, Pompeo continued as follows:

"And I love friendly reminders so here's one...

"so many healthcare professionals already before a pandemic... experience racism pay inequities and discrimination in however many forms that comes which are many... they still do their jobs with pride and selflessness..."

Ellen as Meredith

Aside from Dr. Oz's comments, Dr. Phil -- who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology but is nOT  licensed to practice -- also appeared on Fox News with Laura Ingraham.

He appeared to criticized the nationwide shutdown in response to the viral pandemic.

"The economy is crashing around us and they're doing that because people are dying because of coronavirus," Dr. Phil said.

"I get that, but look, the fact of the matter is we have people dying -- 45,000 people a year die from automobile accidents, 480,000 from cigarettes, 360,000 from swimming pools -- but we don't shut the country for that.

"But yet, we're doing it for this and the fallout is going to last for years because people's loves are being destroyed."

Ellen Pompeo at a Party

That might be, truly, the dumbest argument any human being can make about anything.

None of those things listed above are contagious, Dr. Phil, you absolute moron.

In a video on Friday, this non-doctor also took to social media to acknowledge his comments and apologize.

Dr. Drew, for his part, downplayed the Coronavirus for several weeks, telling anyone who would listen -- with supreme confidence -- that is was far less dangerous than the common flu.

ellen slams

Pompeo, to her credit, has often spoke out about important societal topics.

She previously urged everyone to stay home and listen to (actual) medical experts in relation to Covid-19.

She also blasted TMZ for its Kobe Bryant coverage and dragged the living f-ck out of NBC for how it treated Gabrielle Union.

Pompeo is pretty much as awesome as the aforementioed, so-called doctors are terrible.

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