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Even though Nicole Nafziger was mom-shamed for "abandoning" May, she actually left her 6-year-old in her mother’s very capable hands.

Now, an inside source is dishing on some further details, from May to the job that Nicole left behind before her trip.

Nicole Nafziger Cute Selfie
Photo via Instagram

In Touch Weekly did some digging into where things stand in Nicole’s life while she is seemingly stranded in Morocco by the pandemic.

"She left her job at Starbucks before she went away,” an insider shares.

The source adds: “She’s not worried about working right now."

"She’s seeing this as a nice vacation for herself," the insider characterizes.

Nicole Nafziger in Starbucks Visor
Photo via Instagram

May was of course left safely with Nicole’s mom, Robbalee, and her stepdad for what was supposed to be a two week trip.

"May is being homeschooled by Nicole’s mom and stepdad right now,” a second insider says.

“Of course, May’s missing her mom," the source observes.

The insider adds: "And Nicole is missing her [daughter], as well."

Nicole Nafziger and Daughter May: May Turns 6!

"She’s still staying in touch with her family," this second source says of Nicole.

"And," the insider shares, Nicole has been "keeping in touch with May."

Nicole apparently does this by "FaceTiming with her almost daily."

It’s good that technology allows people to keep in touch in real time, even with a vast ocean between them.

Nicole calls Azan 16 - happily chatting

Nicole was supposed to spend a fortnight with Azan in Morocco, seeing each other in person for the first time in years.

The coronavirus pandemic has much of the world on a sensible lockdown.

While Nicole arguably had multiple options for an evactuation flight to get home, she does not appear to have returned yet.

If she has not left Morocco in another week, she will have been been gone from her Florida home for a full month.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger, Stuck Together
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Fans have asked Nicole’s mother for her real thoughts on Nicole’s now-extended vacay in Morocco.

"She is in charge of her own life," Robbalee recently told commenters on social media, "and has to make her own decisions."

With an air of resignation, she commented: “I can only guide her to a better one."

"The rest is up to her," Robbalee stated. "I love her no matter what."

Nicole Nafziger and Mother Robbalee
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Robbalee also reminded fans that they don’t actually know what she has or has not said to her daughter.

90 Day Fiance is a reality show, not a documentary.

Additionally, she chastized fans who highlight Azan’s nationality, though she did effectively describe Azan as a jobless layabout.

In the same breath, Robbalee reminded Nicole’s critics that there’s no shortage of dudes of that caliber in the US.

Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger Goof Around

Nicole’s first days back in Morocco were full of updates, including snaps of her with Azan.

She also sang the praises of Moroccan tajine, a savory stew featuring meat, vegetables, and fruit.

In recent days, she has been largely radio silent on social media — in part because she can’t go out to eat or photograph the sights.

We hope that she is having a good time and that she makes it home safely.