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Prior to NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore’s explosive confrontation at Kandi Burruss’ baby shower, NeNe opined that Kenya’s marriage was fake.

That would be a huge lie … but Marlo says that the burden falls on Kenya to prove that her marriage was real and legal.

In the aftermath of this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Marlo Hampton spoke to HollywoodLife.

"I hope and I pray that she’s not lying to our fans and all of us about being married," she shadily expresses.

Marlo explains "because that would be awful."

She is referring to NeNe’s strong implication that Kenya and Marc were never actually, legally married in the first place.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly and Daughter
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"But," Marlo points out, "she has lied a lot before, right?"

"With the fake relationships and the fake booty," she suggests.

"So," Marlo admits, "I don’t know."

In this case, a humble I don’t know amount to a maybe Kenya is a huge liar from Marlo.

Kenya Moore and Husband
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"I just hope that she’s not lying," Malro again shades.

"But," she opines, "it’s just really weird that Kenya‘s such a receipt girl." 

Marlo then observes: “Now, watch at this reunion; she’s going to come with so many receipts at people."

Kenya loves dragging up dirt on others — but is she prepared to answer the questions that they have for her?

Kenya Moore with B Necklace
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"But I wonder, are you going to come with a receipt that you’re actually really married?" Malro challenges.

"So it’s like, come with your receipts as well!" she suggests.

Marlo then advises Kenya to "Come to play."

Kenya could probably come in with a Bravo-authenticated copy of her marriage license. You know, if it exists.

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore
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Marlo’s commentary refers to other comments made my NeNe on this week’s episode.

"Kenya’s marriage license has never ever been found by no one,” NeNe remarked while on the phone to Wendy Williams.

She noted that no marriage license can be entirely hidden — as people had even found Beyonce’s. So why not Kenya’s?

NeNe theorized: “They’re not legally married so there’s nothing to divorce."

Marc Daly and Kenya Moore, Wedding Kiss
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Marlo, for her part, is just happy to enjoy the drama from a safe distance.

Marlo is delighted to "have my popcorn, my cocktail, and just eat and watch."

"Just like, ‘Wooh!,’" she expresses. "This is going to be an amazing reunion."

Marlo raves: "Oh my God I can’t wait for this reunion!"

NeNe Leakes vs Kenya Moore at a Party
Photo via Bravo

The drama between NeNe and Kenya has been nothing short of explosive all season, and has driven up the ratings.

That is why Kenya was brought back, folks.

Even NeNe has admitted that her archrival is good for the show, because their mutual loathing is so intense.

You can’t fake that kind of hatred, folks. NeNe and Kenya despise each other and when sparks fly, ratings soar.

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly for
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Generally, the burden of proof falls upon the accuser, but that’s just in court — specifically, in criminal court.

When it comes to the court of public opinion, Marlo is absolutely right.

If Kenya wants to quiet these rumors, she’s going to have to put her marriage certificate on display — and have Andy Cohen confirm that it’s legit.

It’s a shame that Kenya wasted so much time on Marc, considering that he’s just a royal jerk. It would be weird if the marriage were also fake.