Larissa Lima Trashes Colt Johnson: Stop Using Me for Attention!

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Right on the heels of being accused of psychological torment and revenge porn by a more recent ex, Colt Johnson appeared on TV.

What he had to say about his life and his ex-wife on 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined caught Larissa's attention, and she is clapping back.

Larissa and Colt for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

Larissa Lima is living her own life and is not part of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

But this week, viewers of the limited run spinoff special got a glimpse into Colt Johnson's life at home.

Colt and Debbie discussed the pandemic, their household supplies, and the food that they were enjoying.

And though Colt confirmed that he has not heard from Larissa since the divorce, he didn't quite leave it at that.

colt johnson self-quarantined 04 debbie laughs at colt

Colt talked about how he had gained weight during his marriage to Larissa, essentially laying the blame at her feet.

He claimed that he had lost part of himself, emotionally, to that relationship.

So we suppose that he was also hinting that Larissa was culpable for his behavior, too.

Larissa took note of his words as they were broadcast to millions of households, and she hit back.

colt johnson self-quarantined 08 colt points

First and foremost, Larissa rejected taking the blame for Colt's weight gain.

She says that, contrary to what viewers saw, she tried to encourage him to join her in working out.

Instead, viewers saw an edited version of their life, in which Larissa body-shamed him towards the end of their marriage.

(We know that toxic environments can alter people's behavior, but body-shaming is of course never okay)

Larissa Lima IG calls out Colt Johnson april 2020

Larissa also exposed Colt for deceiving viewers, writing that he is currently living with a girlfriend.

This has also been reported for some time -- but clearly, this woman was not part of 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.

In fact, according to some rumors and "hints" dropped on social media, Colt has filmed with two different women since Larissa.

If or when viewers will ever get to "meet" these women or see the footage is anyone's guess.

Debbie Johnson and Larissa Lima

Larissa has had some serious beef with Colt and with his mother, Debbie.

These days, she points out in her scathing response, she has totally moved on.

She describes herself as having been in a relationship for 14 months -- which is true enough, if you ignore the months after she broke up with Eric.

These days, of course, Larissa and Eric are back together. In fact, she just helped him celebrate his birthday this week.

Larissa Lima IG biggie love announcement Eric Nichols

Last year, Larissa broke up with Eric without him getting a chance to respond -- and on September 11, no less.

While his initial response to getting dumped was not super mature, he acknowledged that and apologized for it.

The two reconciled some number of weeks ago, and have been sheltering in place together.

Not everyone is cut out for being on lockdown by themselves, so this was a great time for them to get back together.

Debbie and Colt Johnson ET interview still

"My ex, my ex mother in law are the past," Larissa affirmed in her clapback.

"Once, they were family," she acknowledged, "but it is done."

Larissa then stated that, unlike in their house, "they are not spoken of in my home."

Anyone else wishing that we had gotten to catch up with Larissa in Self-Quarantined?

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