Kelly Dodd Apologizes for Asinine Covid-19 Comments

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Kelly Dodd says she's very sorry...

... for being an insensitive moron in regard to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Kelly Dodd  at BravoCon

As you may have heard about, The Real Housewives of Orange County star made some ridiculous comments this week in response to criticism of having traveled by air during the outbreak.

“If it’s dangerous why are the airlines still flying ? You think I want to fly ?” Dodd wrote on social in response to one Instagram user on Tuesday, April 21.

“I had to get back how is that elitist ?? People are so judge mental [sic] it’s sick!!” she added.

Kelly Dodd is Amused

In another highly chawed remark, the Bravo personality argued that “there was no one at the airport” or “on my plane,” so she did not have to worry about being “infested with germs there.”

Not so terrible or so ignorant just yet, right?

Just you wait...

Kelly Dodd Speaks at the Season 14 Reunion

Dodd went on to state that she believes the novel coronavirus is “Gods way of thinning the herd,” and those who have died from the disease “would’ve died this year” anyway because “they were compromised.”

This is, of course, extremely untrue.

Those who are vulnerable to Covid-19 may have a history with something such as basic as pneumonia.

By no means were they fated to die any time soon... until the contracted this awful virus.

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“Do you know how many people died from the h1n1 the swine flu or SARS ?? It’s 25% get your facts straight you are only hearing the numbers not the reality !!” Dodd continued, sticking her foot deeper and deeper into her mouth.

“If you are vulnerable or compromised stay inside if you don’t protect others by wearing masks and gloves keep your distance and don’t go out if you are ill !! It’s common sense !"

As of this writing, Covid-19 has killed over 45,000 Americans.

It has led to school closings and business closings around the country.

Kelly Dodd comment

And, facing an endless amount of backlash for her very dumb comments on the topic, Dodd has now apologized.

“I want to give a public apology,” she said on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

“When I wrote ‘this is God’s way of thinning the herd,’ that’s not what I meant."

Hmmm.... okay. What did she mean?

dodd meme

Wrote Dodd:

What I meant was, ‘Do these pandemics happen because it’s God’s way?’ I’m not God. I’m not insensitive.

I feel bad for all the families that have lost loved ones, and I do think we should all stay at home and protect everybody. That’s not what I meant, and I want to apologize to anyone who got offended, OK?

I’m sorry.

Kelly Dodd is Beautiful on Watch What Happens Live

In conclusion?

I hope you can all forgive me for saying something so ridiculous and so stupid, so again, please accept my apology.

What do you think, fans? Should we do so?

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