June Shannon: I Fixed My Missing Tooth, Y'all!

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Fans have been alarmed and shocked by June Shannon's missing tooth, and it has been hampering her desperate efforts to repair her public image.

Now, the star has reportedly taken measures to fix her smile, and even treated Geno to a few dental procedures in the process.

June Shannon Bawls

The Sun reports that June Shannon's most conspicuous recent change in appearance has been remedied.

Apparently, she visited Florida-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Yantorni.

There, he did extensive work to repair the conspicuously missing tooth.

Her claim about how she lost the tooth (or, more exactly, the veneer that had taken the tooth's place) is ... not what fans expected.

June Shannon Teases a Surprise

After all of the reported fights that June and Geno were said to have had over the past year, including a trashed and blood-stained hotel room ...

... Well, fans had truly feared the worst.

Instead, June claims that she lost the veneer while chomping down on "fat cakes" last year.

(I looked them up, and Fat Cakes are small snacks of chocolate cake, coated in marshmallow and then covered in colorful coconut shavings)

June Shannon Speaks at the Beach

Months had passed since June lost the tooth, so Dr. Yantorni had his work cut out for him.

"Because the veneer was gone for so long, the tissue had become overgrown," he explained.

Dr. Yantorni detailed that the tissue had encroached upon the tooth "and [was] no longer symmetric to the tooth next door."

To remedy that situation, he had to remove some of the gum tissue using a dental laser.

June Shannon RETURNS to Instagram

"I am happy to finally have gotten my tooth fixed," June expressed to The Sun.

"Now," she noted, with what we imagine was a somber tone, "I have to watch the fat cakes so it doesn’t break again."

Anyone who has had dental work knows that certain foods can be a danger to a cap or crown on a tooth.

In June's case, she lost her whole veneer. If she really lost it while eating, that is a little surprising, but stranger things have happened.

June Shannon Says She's Getting Better

Though June posted this two-year-old photo of herself earlier this year in a desperate bid to make fans think that she is okay, she hasn't posted new photos.

We imagine that, some time soon, she will be eager to show off her new and restored smile to her fans and followers.

A bright smile is a superficial detail, but when someone's dental hygiene takes a dramatic plunge, it's usually a sign that something else is wrong.

June isn't the only one whose mouth received a much-needed tune-up, however.

Geno Doak Bares His Arms

Geno Doak has been gaining weight and baring his arms -- and hinting that both are signs that he is working on his sobriety.

During his visit to the cosmetic dentist's office, he underwent a number of procedures.

Geno had a root canal, had multiple cavities filled, and had a missing tooth replaced.

As alarming as June and Geno's behavior was last year and early this year, it is good to see that they are working on themselves in this way.

Geno Doak at Lunch
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