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Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar have already been accused of endangering Felicity once during this pandemic.

Now, fans are accusing them of putting many people in danger.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Adore Felicity Vuolo

It looks like Felicity and Jeremy are among the many who’ve been  feeling cooped up at home while sheltering in place during this deadly pandemic.

Los Angeles is a major population center, and therefore was one of the areas where social distancing has saved the most lives.

Now, a public park reopened, allowing the Vuolo family to take a stroll out in the open.

But in their eagerness to visit a public park once it reopened, they’re getting accused of recklessly endangering themselves, others, and Felicity.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Jinger showed a glimpse of their family of three enjoying public park that remains open.

(To be clear, California is still very sensibly under lockdown, but some parks are still open to those who live nearby)

However, fans were disturbed at the sight of the family seeming to get way too near fellow park visitors.

The park was more crowded than it should have been, but fans say that the Vuolos share in the blame for the violated social distancing guidelines.

Jeremy Vuolo with His Wife

Some of their own fans took them to task on social media for prioritizing a pleasant stroll over everyone’s safety — including their own.

"Sorry, but no. People need to stay home," a commenter writes. "If there are other people at the park and you can’t avoid them, go home."

"They weren’t social distancing," another points out.

That same commenter explains: "In the videos they are seen side-by-side and brushing up against large groups of people."

Jinger and Jeremy Rock Masks

"In the past, they have been all about showing off their masks and staying in their cars," a follower observes.

"But with the park being open again," the fan laments, "they seem to have ditched all precautions."

We are not out of the woods yet and will not be for some time, but many people are letting small bits of good news convince them that the pandemic is over.

However, some are saying that Jinger and Jeremy did nothing wrong.

Jinger, Jeremy, Felicity Vuolo

"The Vuolos had no control over how many other people showed up at the park that day," a defender insists.

"We are allowed to go outside," another points out.

"If there are other people outside it’s difficult to be constantly dodging walkers going at different paces and in every different direction," they add.

That defender may be missing the point of the criticism — that, in the face of such a crowd, Jinger and Jeremy should have taken Felicity home.

"I’m reaching my limit with the quarantine and social distance shaming happening on the Internet these days," one defender whines.

Another claims that "There’s nothing wrong with going to a large park and social distancing and/or wearing masks."

"Playgrounds are closed so children won’t crowd together at the top of the slide and share germs from the hands-on nature of playgrounds," a fan writes.

"But," they continue, "it’s perfectly fine to go outside and get some fresh air, sunlight and exercise, using sensible precautions."

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants and Heels

Now, here is where the defense starts to win us over.

"For many, it’s an important part of maintaining good mental health as well," the fan’s comment points out.

See, some people experience depression, and exposure to sunlight can slightly mitigate some symptoms.

Others are unlucky enough to be extraverts in the one time in living memory when the entire world hasn’t catered to their need for human company.

Jeremy Vuolo on Christmas

If there is one thing that this coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it’s that some people genuinely like going outside.

Not leaving the house for a restaurant or to see friends or go shopping or for exercise. They just like going outdoors.

Jinger and Jeremy, it seems, are among them, even though their church-owned house is extremely spacious for a small family.

Whether they were right or wrong to go to that particular park at that time, we hope that they and Felicity remain safe and well.