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Last autumn, Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron broke up. It wasn’t long before Gigi was once again back with Zayn Malik.

The outrageously good looking power couple are clearly serious this time, because they are now having a baby.

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"Gigi and Zayn are expecting their first child together," an insider reports to Entertainment Tonight.

"And," the source adds, "the couple is very excited!"

"Gigi has kept the secret close to her family and friends for a while," the insider divulges.

The source explains that she has done so very sensibly, "as she’s only a few months along."

Gigi and Zayn
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As we noted, she and Zayn reunited in late 2019.

"Once Gigi and Zayn got back together at the end of last year," the insider spills, "it was like they never skipped a beat."

"And," the source continues, the unnecessarily attractive couple "knew what they had was special."

"The couple and their families are overjoyed," the insider proclaims.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Vogue Cover
Photo via Inez and Vinoodh for Vogue

Obviously, Twitter was full of responses, ranging from the humorous to the congratulatory.

"Me to zayn’s kid: i used to call him daddy, too," one user semi-jokingly tweeted.

Others committed the ultimate Twitter sin — actual sincerity and earnestness — tweeting their excitement in the hope of getting some attention.

Others speculated about what wonderful parents Zayn and Gigi will make and how cute their kid will be. 

Gigi and Zayn
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Plenty of deeply horny twenty-somethings (and those older and younger) expressed their envy, though most were joking.

Some of the tweets were downright graphic, less bout Gigi’s actual pregnancy and more about Zayn’s … contribution.

Others were nasty in a different sense, taking cruelty to new heights as they viciously attacked Gigi on behalf of Zayn’s ex, Perrie Edwards.

Infamously, Zayn broke up with Perrie in a text several years ago. Her fans have not forgotten or forgiven.

Tyler Cameron Works Out
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We should offer an important clarification when it comes to Gigi’s pregnancy.

If she is currently 20 weeks pregnant, then she conceived in early December of 2019.

This was, notably, well over a month after she and Tyler Cameron parted ways, which was in October.

We’re glad that Gigi leads such an enviable life that she has had both famously handsome men in her orbit, but no, Tyler is not the baby daddy.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Picture

Last week, Gigi celebrated her 25th birthday while sheltering in place with her family — and, apparently, while pregnant.

"Had the sweetest day celebrating my 25th birthday with my quarantine family, who made it so special for me," she gushed.

Gigi acknowledged her fans, writing: "along with all the love I felt from all over the world!"

"Thank you to everyone for the birthday messages," she raved. "I carried you with me yesterday!!"

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Zayn is, of course, part of that "quarantine family." That is no surprise, as he and Gigi will soon be linked by this child.

"I am grateful and lucky that my family and friends — near and far — are healthy and safe," Gigi expressed.

"And," she wrote, "although I missed loved ones I wish I could have celebrated with."

Gigi continued wisely: "know that these times will make us even more grateful for togetherness to be had in the future!"

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid at Met Gala
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Now, neither Gigi nor Zayn have confirmed the news just yet.

So far, this is just a report, but given ET‘s track record, we are inclined to believe that they trust this inside source a great deal.

We send this gorgeous couple our heartfelt congratulations.

Now, which parent do you think that this destined-to-be-beautiful baby will most closely resemble?