Duane Chapman and New Girlfriend: GOD Brought Us Together!

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Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman has a new girlfriend after losing his late wife, Beth, to cancer in June of 2019.

On social media, she is gushing about her belief that God brought them together after they both lost their spouses.

Francie Frane and Duane Chapman

"So excited for this new chapter!" Francie Frane, a rancher, captioned this photo of her with Duane Chapman.

After fans (and Duane's own family) showered her with an outpouring of good wishes and praise, she replied.

"Thank you all so much for all the encouraging comments," Francie wrote on Instagram this week.

She affirmed that "Dog [and] I appreciate it so much.”

Duane Chapman is Considering Something

She then shared her sincerely held religious belief as to how she and Duane had found each other just months after each losing their spouse.

“We know God brought us together," Francie expressed.

"And," she emphasized, "have no doubts about that AT ALL!!"

Many of the congratulatory comments had included statements that, surely, this romance was divinely ordained.

Duane Chapman Opens Up After Hospitalization

Clearly, Francie agrees.

"God has brought two people who walked a treacherous road together," she wrote.

"And," Francie continued, "shown us LOVE is possible again."

Duane has never made any secret that he is a devout Christian, and it is abundantly clear that Francie is cut from the same cloth.

Duane Chapman With Beth's Box of Ashes

“And as wonderful, loving, and kind as you all think Dog is," Francie informed her newfound fans and followers.

She revealed: "HE IS [AND] MORE!!"

"I LOVE YOU DUANE LEE," Francie gushed in all caps.

We are glad that these two likeminded people could find and love each other as they both cope with unthinkable losses.

Duane Chapman Kisses Beth Chapman in the Hospital

Duane and Beth were married for many years before Beth was diagnosed with throat cancer.

She fought the cancer, undergoing surgery. Unfortunately, the cancer returned.

This time, she opted to forego painful treatments that might only prolong the inevitable.

In June of 2019, she passed away. Duane was absolutely devastated.

Duane Chapman and Moon Angell

Duane's grief sent him spiraling for months, at times even impacting his health for the worse.

His longtime employee, Moon Angell, moved in with him in an effort to help him recover.

However, Moon was excoriated by Duane's family, who perceived her as taking advantage of him and trying to replace Beth.

She had removed Beth's belongings from Beth's closet ... and replaced them with her own.

Duane Chapman Sits With Moon Angell

Duane repeatedly defended her, claiming that he had asked her to exchange these items to help him with his mourning.

However, the perception from his family members was that Moon had always wanted to hitch herself to the family, officially.

After a lot of speculation, one of Duane's daughters' arrest after a family squabble, and even a (fake) proposal, Moon moved out.

Now, however, his family is much more approving of his real, confirmed romance with Francie.

Duane Chapman Interview Pic

Francie is a rancher whose husband used to do work for Duane from time to time.

Last year, he called the Frane residence to see if he could hire him once again. Francie answered.

It turned out that her husband had passed away just a few months before Beth's tragic death.

The two bonded over their shared grief, but eventually, that blossomed into something new.

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