Chris Marek Teases Proposal on Little People, Big World: Life is About to Change!

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Amy Roloff is engaged!

The veteran reality star announced this enormous piece of news way back in September, showing off the beautiful ring gifted to her by boyfriend Chris Marek.

Chris Marek on LPBW

That was then, however.

Now? A new season of the aforementioned reality TV show is off, running and airing on TLC every Tuesday night.

Because it was filmed a very long time ago, viewers have the chance to see how Roloff and Marek arrived at this special place in their relationship.

In a sneak peek at the latest episode, for example, Chris encourages Amy to remain upbeat during her house-hunting process, which she was forced to go on late last year after selling her portion of the family farm to ex-husband Matt.

Amy Roloff on a New Episode

Marek is a realtor, of course, so he can offer Amy helpful advice in a professional regard.

But on the personal side of things? Marek also tries to give Roloff a reason to stay positive in a clip shared by Good Housekeeping.

“Knowing that you’re going to spend at least 10 years in the next house, it’s worth waiting for the right one,” he says in this footage, adding:

“You’re not going to be kicked out of here tomorrow, and if that should happen, then you can move in with me while we find, wait for the right house to pop up.”


Whoa! Move in, huh?!?

Seems like a significant step.

“I don’t know. Is there a ring on it, Chris?" Amy says in response to Marek's non-proposal-proposal. "Is there a ring on it?”

Marek plays it cool while sitting across from Amy after this question is posed -- but later reveals he was actually hinting about their future together in the exact way Amy is talking about here.

In Love with Chris

“I’ve kind of enjoyed kind of teasing her a little bit and it’s all part of the big buildup,” Marek says in a confessional on this episode.

“Life may change after I pop the question. I’m thinking that this is going to be ‘we’ if she says yes and so it’s going to be, hopefully, a fun, new experience.”

As fans know by now, Chris proposed to Amy one day after her 55th birthday with a heart-shaped ring. He did it while the couple was out celebrating its three-year dating anniversary.

In a recent Facebook Live, the bride-to-be shared that it truly caught her off guard.

With Her Man

“Oh my gosh, some of the things that I found out he did that was like ‘Are you kidding me?’” the mother of four said. “Oh my lord, it was so special, so exciting.”

As for when Chris and Amy may walk down the aisle?

Alas, it won't be until 2021.

That's too bad, but at least we'll have plenty of Little People, Big World episodes ahead to continue to track this cute tandem's romantic journey.

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