Tori Roloff Rocks Bathing Suit, Feels "Pretty and Confident" After Giving Birth

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It looks like all the challenging work is paying off for Tori Roloff.

A few days after telling social media followers that working out is hard, the Little People, Big World star is showing out.

Bathing suit style!

Tori Roloff in a One-Piece

"First time wearing a swimsuit [postpartum]," Tori wrote as a caption to a set of Instagram Story photos this week.

Clearly shilling for a brand, something the TLC personality rarely does online, she continued:

"But @albionfit is so stinking flattering and makes me feel so pretty and confident!!"

It's unusual for Tori to show almost any skin and it's equally unusual for her to promote a company in this fashion.

But, hey, she looks great! And there's nothing wrong with making a little money on the side by advertising for something as basic and harmless as a bathing suit company.

Tori Roloff in Bathing Suit

Roloff gave birth to her second child back in November, a girl named Lilah.

She joins brother Jackson in the immediate family, with Tori candidly talking on both occasions about the difficulty of shedding all those pregnancy pounds.

The mother of two didn't obsess over doing so, as many celebrities will do in public after having a child, but rather just talked openly about the process.

She has also talked openly about struggling with postpartum depression a little bit.

Tori Roloff Bathing Suit Selfie

"I’m trying really hard to love my postpartum body," Tori wrote late last year as a caption to a photo of her and her two kids, adding:

"It’s only been 3 weeks since growing and then birthing a human being, but it’s hard. Having major abdominal surgery is difficult for me because I hate being restricted."

Indeed, Tori welcomed Lilah via a C-Section.

Tori Roloff, Lilah and Jackson

Continued Roloff in her December post:

"I hate asking for help. I hate not being able to physically keep up with where my mental state is. Plus there are jiggles in places that are honestly just hard to come to terms with.

"I know it’s temporary.

"I know my body will heal and I will be back where I want to be. It’s just the waiting that’s hard."

Out and About with Lilah

But do you know why Tori is the best? Why she has well over a million Instagram followers?

Because she never asks for pity or even sympathy. 

She, instead, tries to use her personal struggles to help out other women around the world.

That's what she did in this case a couple months ago.

Tori at Home

"For all those PP mamas out there. Love yourself hard," she concluded at the time.

"We all have our days and that’s okay. Our bodies are so insane and I’ve said it before- women are bad ass. I thank God everyday for the family he’s given me.

"I’ll be here continuing to try and practice what I preach and love myself through this phase."

Tori and her loved ones will return with new episodes of Little People, Big World on March 31 at 10/9c on TLC.

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