Tekashi69 to Judge: Let Me Out of Jail Before I Catch the Coronavirus!

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Back in September, Tekashi69 took the stand to testify against members of his former gang, the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods.

You might think that snitching on a group of guys who call themselves the Nine Trey Gangster Bloods sounds like a bad idea, and normally, you would be right.

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But Tekashi didn't have much choice.

The rapper was facing life in prison as a result of his alleged gang activity.

Now, Tekashi is set for release in August instead of never.

So all in all, he struck a pretty good deal.

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But like billions of people all over he world, Mr. 69's life has been considerably complicated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Prisons, as you may have heard, are considered the optimal breeding ground for the virus.

Understandably feeling that his freedom won't do him much good if he's deathly ill, Tekashi has petitioned the judge in his case to release him several months ahead of schedule.

Unfortunately, according to a new report from TMZ, those pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

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More specifically, the judge says he doesn't have the authority to release Tekashi, and it's the Bureau of Prisons that has the final say.

Tekashi's attorney claims that the judge has issued "a strong recommendation to the BOP to release him immediately."

Obviously, the lawyer would have reason to put his own spin on the judge's remarks, but judges all over the country are granting early releases for fear of inmates contracting and spreading the coronavirus.

Tekashi's attorney says his client's case is particularly urgent, as the rapper suffers from extreme asthma.


Plus, it might be a good idea to release 69 at a time when there's no one on the streets.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Tekashi won't be joining the witness protection, which is usually a good course of action after you've outraged an entire crime syndicate.

But 69 hopes to return to the rap game, and moving to Arkansas and changing your name generally isn't a good way to chase clout.

Back in January, Tekashi begged for early release with the argument that it wasn't safe for him in prison -- but it might not be safe for him on the outside, either.

But hey, a least he'll have less chance of contracting the 'rona as a free man.

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