Tekashi69 to Be Released From Prison ... But Will He Be Safe on the Outside?

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You've probably heard the expression "snitches get stitches."

But it's important to bear in mind that people turn state's witness for a reason, as snitches also get significantly lighter sentences.

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And according to new reports, Tekashi69 might soon be reaping the benefits of his very risky decision.

As you may recall, Tekashi was arrested in 2018 on a laundry list of charges that could have landed him behind bars for up to 47 years.

The rapper -- whose real name is Daniel Hernandez -- has already pled guilty to drug trafficking and involvement in conspiracies that led to multiple acts of murder, robbery and extortion.

The most egregious incident involved Hernandez putting out a hit on rival rapper Chief Keef.

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Thankfully, the hired assassin botched the murder attempt.

It might sound like the 23-year-old's chances of beating the case are virtually non-existent.

But Hernandez testified against members of his former gang, the Nine Treys, and it's been reported that the deal will result in a dramatically shortened sentence.

In fact, New York radio station Hot 97 is reporting that Tekashi might be a free man as early as this Wednesday.

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That's when he'll appear in court for his sentencing.

While going from 47 years behind bars to time served might seem ridiculous, it's important to bear in mind that when it came time to snitch, Hernandez went all-in.

Not only did he implicate two of his former fellow gang members in a murder, he also claimed that celebrities such as Cardi B are involved in gang activity.

In the end, it's not surprising that Hernandez decided to turn against his partners in crime.


After all, not only does he stand to get out of prison much sooner, he probably wasn't feeling much loyalty to the Nine Treys after they pistol whipped and kidnapped him.

However, the reports that Tekashi will be released on Wednesday remain unconfirmed.

TMZ claims that Hernandez is nervous about his sentencing, as he still fears that he might remain behind bars well into old age.

Hip hop insider DJ Akademiks echoed TMZ's claim today, tweeting that the charges against Hernandez have not been dropped, and thus, anything can happen in court this week.

"Where this rumor came from that the feds dropped every charge against Tekashi 69?? That’s FALSE," he wrote.

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"One charge was dropped cuz it was deemed illegal," Akademiks added.

"He’s suppose to be sentenced in 72 hrs though, for which most believe as per recommendations of probation dept n govt (prosecutors) he get TIME SERVED (immediate release)."

"He can still get up to 37 yrs.. however judges usually follow recommendations esp for those who cooperate.

So it sounds like there's a good chance that the gamble paid off, and Tekashi is set for a very early release -- but at this point, the only person who has any real idea of what will happen on Wednesday is the sentencing judge.

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