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Stephanie Matto has shared so much of her life on 90 Day Fiance, even being the first openly bisexual star on the show alongside Erika Owens.

Now, she is sharing even more — telling fans about her time working as a stripper.

Stephanie Matto Shares on Instagram

The 29-year-old YouTuber took to Instagram to share her story alongside this gorgeous mirror selfie.

"Wishin’ I was back in LA." Stephanie’s post begins.

She admits: "There was a time when the thought of returning, even if for a quick visit, pained me."

At this point, Stephanie acknowledges that it is only natural for all of her followers to wonder: "Why?"

Stephanie Matto

"When I was 24 years old I saved 10 grand," Stephanie reveals.

She "packed my bags, and moved to Los Angeles."

Stephanie explains that she did so "with hopes of becoming an actress."

"6 months later," she shares, "I was working as a stripper at a gentlemen’s club called The Palms in Signal Hill."

Stephanie Speaks on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

"Ahh so goes the story of so many aspiring actresses!" Stephanie acknowledges.

Even actors who land gigs right away often have other jobs, and waiting tables only makes so much

"That job forever scarred me in ways that still trickle into my personal life today," she reveals.

"BUT," Stephanie says, "I will never regret my move."

Stephanie Matto Eats Awkwardly

"I ultimately hit rock bottom while living in LA," Stephanie reveals.

"And through that painful experience," she continues, "sought healing by investing time into my first book."

"I took lemons and made something closely resembling lemonade," Stephanie playfully characterizes.

Stripping, like other forms of sex work, is certainly not for everyone. But then, what job is?

Stephanie Matto in Lavender

"I have always been a risk taker," Stephanie acknowledges.

She affirms: "I have always lived life on the edge."

"And," Stephanie admits, "although my illness has slowed me down the past few years."

"I still like to think there is that crazy spontaneity left in me," she expresses.

Stephanie Listens at Dinner

Stephanie concludes her post by asking: "What is the absolutely wildest, craziest thing you ever did in your life?"

A bunch of followers answered her question. You never know who has a wild story to tell.

Some of the comments were thanking her for sharing her story.

People have complicated backgrounds, and sharing your personal history can do a lot to ease stigma and promote understanding.

Stephanie at Home

There is, of course, nothing wrong with sex work and sex workers of any kind — from porn to stripping to full service — deserve respect.

Unfortunately, our culture has some very toxic stigmas related to sex.

The fact that sex work is predominantly performed by women and the LGBTQ+ community has made it a target for generations of bigots.

It is worth pointing out that Stephanie is part of both of those demographics.

Stephanie Has a Marrow Condition

Speaking of risk-taking, we hope that Stephanie is safe right now and has a solid plan in place for at least the next couple of months.

We all know that the coronavirus is particularly dangerous for the immuno-compromised.

Stephanie absolutely fits the bill, to the point where her parents were concerned about her traveling last year before the pandemic.

We are certainly glad that she’s in a better place now than she was as "Kitty" the stripper. A lot of strippers are struggling right now with clubs being closed.