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Shannon Beador recently had some drama with Vicki Gunvalson, as their friendship appears to be over. Now, she’s getting roasted by fans.

Followers accused Shannon of ignoring vital pandemic guidelines, but she’s clapping back — and revealing that she is especially at risk.

Shannon Beador and Braunwyn Windham-Burke Party with John Janssen and Sean Windham-Burke

Shannon Beador shared a photo of who she and boyfriend John Janssen ran into during a stroll.

"Look who John and I ran into on our walk," she captioned the photo.

The images is a selfie, taken outdoors by Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

In it, we see Shannon, John, Braunwyn, and Braunwyn’s husband, Sean.

Photo via Instagram

They are all very notably standing several feet apart, as acknowledged by Shannon’s tags.

"#socialdistancing #6feetapart #neighbor," she writes under the caption.

Shannon also jokes that #quarantine=eating," as if to explain why she was determined to go on a walk.

Finally, she tagged the post: "#gratefultobeoutsodeforabit."

Shannon Beador is Happy and Free
Photo via Instagram

Shannon received such absurd backlash that she had to clap back with a whole update to her caption.

"UPDATE: Unbelievable some of these comments," she wrote, bewildered.

"I am in quarantine with John," she pointed out, "who is next to me on the grass."

"We are following all guidelines," Shannon affirmed, "and I have taken this seriously."

Shannon Beador Worries Over a Headache
Photo via Bravo

In fact, Shannon wrote that she has followed guidelines "to the point of obsession because I have a lung condition."

Should anyone doubt her, she challenged them: "Ask my kids."

"Hoping everyone stays healthy and safe," Shannon expressed.

It’s good to remember that people can, if they for some reason wish to, leave their homes — provided that they are avoiding everyone else.

John Janssen, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd, and Rick Leventhal

Strange to think that, just a couple of weeks ago, Shannon and Kelly were popping into each other’s homes while walking.

When Shannon and Kelly snapped this pic, the only real response was that Vicki and Tamra both furiously unfollowed her for "betraying" them.

Even then, though, many people were already taking steps to separate themselves from crowds and public places.

We are still in the early stages of the pandemic, but would be especially unwise for anyone to visit anyone’s house unless it is a true emergency.

Braunwyn Windham-Burke Looks Radiant
Photo via Instagram

Braunwyn, Shannon, and Kelly are neighbors.

They may not live next door to one another, but they can easily run into each other while on walks.

To be clear, visiting with friends is unwise and frankly hazardous. You could be infected for over a week or more without symptoms and still pass it.

But Shannon and Braunwyn met in the open air and kept their distance, as is appropriate.

Vicki Gunvalson on Her Insta

Attitudes are shifting about the pandemic as it grows worse. 

Vicki Gunvalson drew the ire of Real Housewives fans when she mockingly asked "what Coronavirus?" after drinking at bars with friends.

Just days later, Vicki was speaking about the seriousness of COVID-19 as it threatens to kill millions of Americans by the time that it runs its course.

Shannon Beador, Boyfriend
Photo via Instagram

Our thoughts are with Shannon and all of those who are, by health condition or age, considered to be especially at risk for COVID-19.

Even so, we should all remember that anyone could have an adverse reaction.

At present, world stats say that for every 20 who make a recovery, some with hospital assistance, three die.

In some nations where the healthcare system was overloaded, the death toll is much higher, akin to 10%. Let’s hope that it doesn’t come to that here.