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Fans have wondered for a while how Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo afford their swanky L.A. house.

But however they’re managing it, Jinger just made it very clear that they don’t plan on moving any time soon.

Jinger Duggar and Her Hubby

If you believe everything that you hear on Counting On, Jeremy’s church provided him with a four-bedroom house that it owns.

He and Jinger were supposed to stay there for half of a year, on the grounds that Jeremy is taking seminary master classes in L.A.

It’s now been more like 9 months and they are showing no sign of budging.

Jinger, in fact, seems to be gearing up for an extended stay in the large, swanky home.

Unlike many of her siblings, Jinger has her very own Instagram account instead of one of those creepy, two-person couple accounts.

As you can see from this glimpse at her Instagram Stories, the Vuolo household’s living room is sporting a new rug.

It’s a large, nice-looking rug that would only fit in a larger living room space — like the one that they have now.

Someone preparing to downsize to more affordable housing would not be buying this rug or, very likely, any rug until they see the new digs.

Jinger and Jeremy’s spacious digs would normally go for $4,000 a month. 

It’s possible that Jeremy could eventually make enough to afford it on a pastor’s salary, but even then, he’d be giving up half his income each month.

More realistically, the two of them were expected to make plans to move into something that they could afford.

A four-bedroom house is a lot of space for a young married couple and their one small child, right?

Jinger Duggar With the New Hair

Now, some folks on social media have theorized that the church is letting them stay there for longer than that.

Jeremy’s studies are going on longer than six months, so the gesture makes a kind of sense.

Besides, with Jinger’s celebrity status, perhaps the church feels that it is a worthwhile use of their resources for however long.

Considering how many people in L.A. are experiencing homelessness right now, that’s … and interesting choice of priorities.

Jinger Duggar Wears Pants and Heels

Now, before we go off the deep end, we should clarify that it’s possible that this rug doesn’t mean that Jinger is chaining herself to the house.

It was a sponsored Instagram Story post, which means that Jinger either received the rug for free, was paid to advertise it, or both.

The rug may not be an actual fixture in their living room at all.

Alternatively, it may be there because they now have it, but isn’t something that they would have purchased for themselves.

Jinger in the Kitchen

How long is Jeremy’s church willing to indulge them — if that’s what’s really happening?

Churches with large, affluent flocks can take in a massive amount of money, so the lost revenue from one rental property may not hurt them much.

(And since the church itself and presumably the house are tax exempt, because church, that’s probably easier)

Our guess is that once Jeremy lands a new pastor gig after these classes are over, they’ll either move or start paying the hefty rent there.