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Earlier today, we reported that the Duggars started filming Counting On Season 11 this week.

Jinger Duggar returned home from Los Angeles for the occasion, and together, the Duggar sisters indulged in a little shopping spree.

The Duggars at Target
Photo via Instagram

Hitting Target instead of Rodeo Drive might feel like a bit of step down for Jinger these days, but she kept a smile on her face throughout the afternoon and seemed to enjoy her time with family.

Not surprisingly, the Duggar women brought their kids along on the shopping trip.

We’re not sure why anyone who’s familiar with the family would be surprised by this, as the Duggars tend to bring their kids along no matter what they do.

But for some reason, one fan lit up Jessa Duggar’s comments and ridiculed her for not leaving her kids at home with Ben Seewald.

Duggar Sister Reunion
Photo via Instagram

It’s unclear why Jessa in particular was singled out.

It’s possible that the fan was still angry about Derick Dillard’s "woman’s work" comments from last month.

But Jessa’s not married to Derick, Jill is. 

In fact, Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, is generally considered to be the most progressive of all the Duggar husbands.

Seewald Family
Photo via Instagram

It seems Jessa was irritated by one comment in particular, in which the hater referred to Ben as a "neanderthal" for his alleged refusal to watch his kids for an afternoon.

Jessa clapped back with a quip that not only put the commenter in her place, but also pointed out that Jessa had a very good reason for bringing her youngest daughter along.

“You know, I’ve been thinking the same thing," Jessa wrote.

"Only Neanderthal men would refuse to breastfeed their infants so their wives can spend the entire day out dining and shopping."

Duggar Family Reunion 2020
Photo via Instagram

Yes, Jessa just welcomed her third child back in May, and it seems she’s still breastfeeding.

And as she hilariously points out here, that particular task is beyond Ben’s capabilities.

Of course, several commenters pointed out that Jessa could have used a breast pump, which might have allowed her to leave her daughter at home.

But several others pointed out that it’s nobody’s damn business how she chooses to raise her children, and she’s right to tell prying "fans" to back off.

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes
Photo via TLC

“I love how you shoot from the hip!” wrote one commenter.

“That is HILARIOUS. How dare they not learn to lactate,” another joked.

Of all the Duggars, Jessa might be the quickest to clap back when fans cross the line.

But apparently, that reputation isn’t enough to convince her Instagram followers to keep their more judgmental comments to themselves.

Jessa Photo
Photo via TLC

Look, the Duggars have a lot of weird rules, bizarre beliefs, and outdated customs that they stick to like glue.

Fortunately, they don’t expect all their fans to follow suit.

What they ask in exchange, however, is that the people who choose to keep up with their lives on social media be tolerant and understanding of those beliefs, even the ones they may find objectionable.

Seems simple enough, right?