Jessa Duggar Claps Back at Trash-Talking Fan With Surprising Snark

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Like her sisters, Jessa Duggar is frequently mom-shamed and just generally bullied online.

Everything from Jessa's messy house to the pace at which she homeschools her kids has been the subject of criticism.

Jessa Duggar, Child

And apparently, Jess is getting fed up.

To be fair, the Duggars have done much to deserve criticism in recent years.

In fact, it's hard to imagine any other reality stars would still be on television following something like the Josh Duggar sex scandals.

But as In Touch Weekly points out, the anti-Duggar sentiment has now reached such a fever pitch that fans are ragging on the family for their choice of restaurant.

Go Team!!

Yes, the Duggars headed to Marketplace Grill on Sunday in order to celebrate the birthday of Justin Duggar.

MPG has been the birthday destination of choice for the Duggars for as far back as anyone can remember.

In fact, the Duggars seem to frequent the place even when they're not celebrating anything of note.

Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes

It's not all that surprising, as there probably aren't too many family dining options in Springdale, Arkansas.

Despite that -- and the fact that, like everyone else with sufficient funds, the Duggars can eat wherever the hell they want -- Jessa took some flak from a fan when she posted about Justin's birthday on Instagram.

"Do you guys ever eat anywhere besides Marketplace Grill?" the follower asked.

Jessa Photo

Jessa's response was both simple, and dripping with sarcasm:

"No we don't," she replied.

Not terribly scathing, but that's downright savage by the standards of the Duggar gals, who generally just ignore online snark.

In fact, the fan was so taken aback by Jessa's reply that she deleted her comment!

Four Duggar Girls, One Duggar Baby

Of course, of all her sisters, Jessa seems to have the lowest tolerance for BS.

She's been known to set the record straight when she feels that fans are spreading inaccurate information about her family.

And it seems she has little time for folks who would question her choice of dining establishment.

So let that be a lesson -- never come between the Duggars and their Marketplace Grill!

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