Jersey Shore: The Situation Is FINALLY Reunited With His Family!

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It's a moment that was a long, long, long time coming ...

Finally, after years of legal wrangling and 8 months behind bars, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is home from prison and ready to party (soberly, of course) with his Jersey Shore family.

Mike Sorrentino Leaves Prison

Of course, after such a long wait, you didn't think the show would open with Mike seeing his castmates again for the first time in nearly a year, did you?

Noooo ... this is Jersey Shore 2020 (a superior title to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, no? Just putting it out there, MTV!), which means you have to endure a whole lot of filler before you can enjoy the good stuff.

On Thursday's episode, that meant competitive grocery shopping, as one group set out to purchase every carb in the tri-state area, and the other set out on a quest for boner pills.

Vinny G and Pauly D Wait Nervously

These dual missions were rooted in one central question, posed by Vinny Gudagnino -- "Is Mike going to remain Keto, or will he go Cheeto?"

In other words, will "Big Daddy Sitch" want to shove an entire pizza down his gullet, or will "The Situation" make a kale smoothie and immediately start doing crunches?

These are Mike's two personas; they're entirely based on the state of his abs, and the gang wanted to be prepared with two distinct spreads.

This is the sort of thing the show's producers pad out their episodes these days, but at least the cast does their best to make it entertaining.

Snooki on Camera

After they'd purchased the risotto balls and vibrators (seems an odd gift for a woman whose husband just got out of prison, but whatevs), it was time for the guidos to reach a more spiritual plane with the help of Snooki's psychic medium.

Vinny asked if she knew any psychic larges, and thankfully, everyone roasted him for his lame-ass dad joke.

Being a psychic the woman immediately sensed that Ronnie is a messed up guy and she offered him all the help she could.

"If someone isn't understanding you in such a way that you feel like you're drowning, you need to run the other way," she told Aggro Magro.

Ronnie Is Upset

"And I feel like you will and you will start to do that because of your daughter."

The psychic then encouraged Ronnie to follow her outside, where she urged him to "let [Jen] go peacefully" before something bad happens.

Sadly, he didn't follow that advice, and Ronnie got tased and arrested a few weeks later after he allegedly assaulted Harley.

Always listen to your psychic larges, folks!

The Sitch Is Back

And with that, it was finally time for the reunion we've all been waiting for.

Big Daddy Sitch -- excuse us, Buff Daddy Sitch -- arrived, and the moment was just as emotional as we had hoped.

"So many emotions are going through my brain right now but most importantly I'm just happy to be with my friends once again who are family," he told the camera.

"It's been eight months and it's been a long, hard eight months," Mike added.

Mike Sorrentino in the Gym

"I want to make up for missed times. I want to show people that the comeback is greater than the setback."

Thankfully, the crew immediately lightened the mood with some Goodfellas references and some carbs.

So, so many carbs.

Here's hoping Mike's post-prison life goes far more smoothly than Henry Hill's!

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