Jeremiah Duggar: Courting! Spotted on Chaperoned Date With New Girlfriend!

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At the end of 2019, Jed and Jeremiah Duggar turned 21 years old, yet both remain squarely under Jim Bob's total control.

Now, fans think that Jeremiah is finally courting. And the Duggar fam themselves may have shown a photo of him on a "date."

Jed Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar

Now, Jeremiah doesn't have his own social media yet.

Instagram is just one of many things that a young, handsome 21-year-old man might experience that is denied to him.

He also cannot date, let alone have sex.

Jeremiah may be up to the closest thing to dating that his parents' fertility cult will allow: courtship.

The Duggar Family Bowling Night Photo

Over the weekend, the Duggar family posted to Instagram that they had gone bowling.

It was "half price night," because even millionaires look for discounts when they have bred a small army of children.

But one young woman who appears in the pics cannot be identified by fans.

And they're pretty sure that it only makes sense for her to be there if she's courting Jeremiah.

duggar bowling night mystery woman???

It's a courtship -- and according to the infamous Duggar courtship rules -- Jeremiah would not be allowed to spend alone time with his alleged lady love.

Basically, his parents want chaperones on hand to make sure that the only holes that anybody's fingers enter are in the bowling balls.

Any hugging would have to be side-hugs instead of explicit, full-frontal hugging.

So something as lame as a family bowling night is a perfect way for creepy, controlling parents like Jim Bob and Michelle to supervise his social life.

Jeremiah Duggar Photo

That said, some fans think that this mystery woman may just be a friend.

If so, she would probably not be Jeremiah's friend, right?

We say this because the Duggars tend to not allow their kids to mingle with other genders.

Maybe this mystery girl is friends with one of Jeremiah's sisters, but ... maybe he's courting.

Jeremiah Duggar Picture

There are a couple of great reasons to believe that Jeremiah is either courting now or hoping to enter a courtship soon.

First of all, the type of fertility cult in which he has been indoctrinated tries to marry off children sooner rather than later.

This serves the purpose of making sure that they are married to someone of whom the parents approve while they're still under their control.

It also makes it less likely that natural horniness will make someone seek premarital sex, as happens with most people.

Jedidiah and Jeremiah

Another good reason is that Jeremiah's twin brother, Jedidiah Duggar, has tasted independence for the first time in his life.

As you may already know, Jed is running for a seat in Arkanas State House of Representatives.

it is believed that Jim Bob allows Jed to live in his own home (or at least, have his own address) to lend an air of legitimacy to his political campaign.

This way, political rivals will have to attack Jed for his truly awful political views, and not for living at home.

Could it be that Jed's tiny taste of almost-freedom has inspired Jeremiah to court so that he can get married, get laid, and get his own house?

Jed and Jer

But again, this is a mystery gal. We hate to take speculation too far and get carried away.

We of course want a happy, independent life for all of the Duggar children (except for Josh, who should take a swim in a sea of scorpions).

That doesn't mean that we should project our own hopes and wishes upon the Duggars.

Many of them don't know any way to live outside of Jim Bob telling them what to do and what to think.

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