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Austin Forsyth isn’t the most popular man on the Internet right now.

To be clear, Austin Forsyth is rarely the most popular man on the Internet.

This is someone whose very own wife recently had to come out and assure people that her husband wasn’t a total creep.

Nevertheless, the latest photo of Austin on Instagram has folks especially riled up, as many social media users continue to stare at the image and ask one simple question:


Why, Austin, would you expose your two-year old son to a chainsaw?

"Learning how to clear land from Papa!" wrote wife Joy-Anna as a caption to the above photo, which depicts Austin and son Gideon on the family’s property.

As you can see, Austin is wearing ear phones, implying that he’s certainly planning to put this chainsaw to use.

And although we’re sure the piece of equipment isn’t turned on, there’s still something off-putting and unsettling about seeing a toddler so close to something so dangerous.

And we aren’t the only critics saying this.

"He’s too young too be handle or near a chainsaw," wrote a Facebook user named LoriAnn Mecham, adding:

"He’s a little too young too know the danger of this tool, wait until he’s a little older too understand this isn’t a toy and it’s dangerous."

Another individual, meanwhile, writes that this is "a member of the extended Duggar cult putting their 2.5 year old child in close proximity to a dangerous, industrial work tool for a photo opportunity to gain attention."

No beating around the bush there, huh?

Joy-Anna apparently saw some of this criticism and briefly offered up a response.

“It wasn’t running," she wrote in her own Comments section in reference to the chainsaw. ‘I just wanted to get a picture of Gideon with Austin!"

Elsewhere, in a joint YouTube Q&A video, the couple talked in general about criticism… because they sure to receive a great deal of it.

Explained Austin:

“We try to remind each other that when you hear some negative feedback, the best thing to do is examine yourself and see, ‘Okay, is what this person saying about me really true?’

"And, once you go from there, and you evaluate and say, ‘No, I think they’re making this up,’ or ‘No, I don’t have this problem.’’

The Joy of Hunting

Joy-Anna – who may be pregnant!!!!! — had previously defended her husband as a father.

“Austin is such a good dad! He makes it a point to hold Gideon and pray with him before bed! I love my little family!" wrote Joy-Anna in December, along with a photo of Austin and Gideon.

For whatever it’s worth, there were no chainsaws anywhere to be found in that photo.