Peter Weber's Mom is Simply Getting Destroyed on Social Media

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According to an endless array of The Bachelor spoilers, the two-part Season 24 finale was going to be full of lots of tears and many emotions.

With one half of this concluding installment down, and another to go tonight, we can safely say these predictions were accurate.

It's just...

Peter Weber and His Mom

... who could have forecasted the most tear-filled and emotional person on the show would have been Peter Weber's mother, Barbara?!?

The handsome and horny pilot called upon his brother and his parents to help him choose between Hannah Ann and Madison on Monday evening, as these loved ones flew down to Australia and essentially interviewed Peter's potential wives.

How totally normal, right?

Barbara spoke to both Madison and Hannah Ann, making it pretty clear almost right away just which woman she preferred for her son.

Peter Weber's Mom

“I don’t want anyone to change him, because he is who he is and we love him the way he is,” Barbara told Madison, who is famously saving herself for marriage.

“I respect you for your values, and if I didn’t want to go to the fantasy suite because I was you, I understand that.

"But to tell someone else, when there are other girls that he has very strong feelings for, whether he wants to get physical with them or emotional, that’s up to him.”

Yes, Peter's mom spoke to Peter's possible fiancee about Peter having very recently slept with other women.

Again, very normal, right?

Madison and Peter Down Under

While Madison tried to defend herself, Barbara wasn’t convinced, telling the cameras that Hannah Ann is “an angel on Earth.”

She then pleaded with her son to PLEASE make the proper decision...

“[Madison’s] not there for you, bud,” Barbara told her son.

“But bud, you know what, I have to tell you something. I said a prayer last night. I said, ‘Lord, please, please guide Peter today and guide Madison to see where they’re at in this relationship,’ because you have a gem waiting for you who is madly, head over heels in love with you, and God put her there for you.

"I think God has answered my prayers and put the right person in your path.”

As you very likely know by now, Barbara then urged Peter to bring Hannah Ann home to her, telling The Bachelor this is what fairy tales are all about.

Her speech has gone viral and was easily the most memorable aspect of last night's episode.

Just not in any kind of positive way.

Peter Weber in a Promo Pic

"I cannot believe Barb let down all of America #TheBachelor," one disappointed fan wrote, along with a meme of Tyra Banks saying "I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you! How dare you?"

Another peeved fan called Barbara "the real manipulative person on the show."

Yet another person called Barbara's actions a "guilt trip," while a fourth chimed in as follows:

"I vow to never have anywhere near this level of inappropriate involvement in my son's love life."

tyra meme

With fans of the ABC dating series flooding the comments section of Barbara’s most recent Instagram on Monday, she replied to a user who actually defended her.

“Can people please leave her alone! Barb, I think you did the right thing,” the fan wrote.

“Thanks but I ignore all negatives!!” replied Barbara.

That's probably best for her mental health... because there are A LOT of negatives out there right now.

Big Kiss for Madison

While Madison opted to leave during Monday’s episode, the promo for tonight's conclusion reveals that she will return. Whoa, right?!?

ABC executive Robert Mills told Variety earlier this month that even Peter doesn’t know how the show will end.

“I think there is probably one of two things that potentially can happen. I know the possibilities, but I don’t know the outcome.

"You really have to watch it live because there’s no way to find out what is going to unfold unless you watch it,” Mills said.

“A lot of stuff went down since November when we finished filming, and even now, still up to the minute, it will be live on the show. Honestly.”

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