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Bravo may be contractually barring Vicki and Tamra from reality TV, but reports say that Kelly Dodd is back for Season 15.

And she won’t be alone. It has now been reported that she’s joined by a new castmate — her BFF.

Kelly Dodd is Amused

According to what inside sources have told TV Deets, The Real Housewives of Orange County is welcoming a new cast member.

In Season 15, the (remaining) stars will reportedly be joined by a woman named Elizabeth Lyn Vargas.

Elizabeth lives in Newport Beach, Orange County. She is the founder and CEO of a digital music label.

More to the point, she is a close personal friend of Kelly Dodd.

Elizabeth Vargas Selfie

According to the insider’s characterization, Elizabeth "is wild!"

"She is bold, charismatic, and so open," the source describes.

Boldness and openness are said to be traits that Bravo is seeking for Season 15. And charisma is always a good thing.

"We’re very excited about the next season," the insider dishes.

Kelly Dodd and Emily Simpson at the Reunion

On Instagram, Elizabeth is already being followed by Kelly Dodd, Braunwyn Windham-Burke, and Emily Simpson.

Anybody else wondering if faction lines are already being drawn?

(Or will this season be as wildly different and fresh as the Bravo bigwigs hope?)

Kelly has been friendly with Emily and Braunwyn. We wonder what new fun — and drama — Elizabeth will add to the mix.

Rhoc Nov 19 - 10 Emily Simpson Best Photo

So far, the only hint at confirmation of this casting was just that — a hint.

"How’s everyone’s week going?" Kelly Dodd recently asked on social media.

This is when Elizabeth replied to her, writing: "AMAZING!" with a winking emoji.

They’re friends, so this could mean anything from "I can’t tell anyone that I’m your castmate but I’m hyped" to "as you know, I just got laid." Or whatever.

Kelly Dodd Fumes

We of course cannot confirm that Elizabeth will be joining the cast of this or anything, but the report is certainly interesting.

Kelly Dodd is expected to have a noticeably different role in Season 15 than she has in recent seasons.

Why? Because being a Professional Vicki Hater isn’t really productive when there’s no Vicki with whom to duel.

Tamra isn’t even there as a surrogate. Of course, Kelly may have one enemy remaining. …

Shannon Beador Gets Whacked on the Head

Bonking Shannon on the head with a mallett did not exactly cement their bond, and it’s not their only conflict from Season 14.

(Word to the wise: reality television is not a contact sport. Pretend to be "held back" by friends all that you like, but don’t touch anybody)

But given that Shannon will be the Una Amiga without Vicki or Tamra, maybe she’ll settle into a different role this season.

Won’t it be fascinating to see what Kelly is like when she’s surrounded by friends, not enemies?

Kelly Dodd and Rick Leventhal Are Engaged

That won’t be Kelly’s only storyline.

For example, last year, she became engaged to Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal.

This engagement is already getting her into trouble with fans, who were nauseated to see her rub elbows with Don Jr.

But it could also be a source of positive moments as she threads her way through Season 15 … possibly with a real friend along for the ride!