Jessa Duggar: Yes, I'm Having Another Kid!

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It's only been eight months since Jessa Duggar welcomed her third child.

But Jessa is a Duggar, which means that from a young age, she was taught that procreation is her primary reason for being.

Jessa Duggar Holds Son

According to her family's teachings, any child-bearing years spent with a vacant uterus are an affront to God.

And unlike her rebellious siblings -- we're looking at you, Jinger and Jill! -- Jessa still adheres to her parent's belief system as thoroughly as possible.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Jessa is already talking about welcoming a fourth child.

Earlier this week, TLC released a Counting On "webisode" for fans who simply can't get enough of the fundamentalist fun in Arkansas.

Jinger With Jessa

The installment garnered a lot of attention thanks to its revelation that Abbie Burnett defied Duggar tradition by heading to a hospital when her contractions started, rather then giving birth at home.

But some fans noticed another interesting reveal later in the episode.

Abbie's delivery led the Duggar girls to discuss their very favorite topic -- making babies.

"I'm glad you had an epidural because I know when you get exhausted, you’re just like, out," Lauren Swanson said to Abbie.

Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar ... and Baby

"Sometimes it helps you just relax," said Kendra, who might be starting to question Jim Bob's wholesale ban on recreational drugs.

Jessa was apparently impressed by Kendra's praise for the all-powerful epidural.

Unfortunately, it's a joy she's never experienced firsthand -- which is reason enough, in Jessa's mind, to have another baby!

"Wow," Jessa said in response to Kendra's comment.

Jessa Duggar in 2020

"Man, I'm gonna have to get an epidural next time."

Yes, that off-the-cuff remark was enough to get Duggar fans talking.

Most of them fixated on the "next time" part, with some going so far as to claim its evidence that Jessa os already pregnant.

Obviously, that's quite a leap.

Jessa Duggar on her dramatic delivery!

However, it is a good indication that Jessa is planning to have at least one more child.

It seems that few, if any, of the Duggar girls are planning to follow in Michelle's footsteps by popping out a small army.

In fact, some -- like Jessa's big sister Jill -- appear to have closed up shop after just a couple kids, and others -- like Jessa's other big sister, Jana -- may not have any children at all.

So even though those no bun in the oven at the moment, we're sure Jim Bob and Michelle are excited about the indication that Jill is planning to welcome at least one more little Duggar.

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