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Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman now admits that he should never have proposed to Moon Angell. It nearly tore his family apart.

Moon has moved out, but not before Duane’s daughter Lyssa was arrested during the family spat. Are things okay now?

Duane Chapman is Considering Something
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In early February, Duane’s controversial personal assistant Moon Angell moved out. Her belongings are no longer in Beth’s old closet.

TMZ caught up with the famed reality star in Los Angeles, where he was somehow managing to enjoy the Southern California climate.

"Yeah, we’re good," Duane assures the camera.

Speaking of Lyssa, he lovingly characterizes: "She’s one of my crazy daughters."

Lyssa Chapman Wears Blue
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For clarification, does that mean that they really worked things out?

"Oh yeah, always," Duane says.

This applies not only to Lyssa, he explains, but to the whole family. Lyssa hadn’t been the only one with concerns.

Duane reasons: "This is just how families do, right?"

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(Most families do not see one of their members get arrested during family feuds, but yes, it’s not unusual for people to have beef with loved ones)

The TMZ interviewer asks if things worked out because "love overrides everything."

"Yes, sir, that’s very right, thank you," Duane replies.

But there was more than just love behind this reconciliation.

Duane Chapman and Moon Angell
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Duane is then asked if he was able to patch things up because Moon Angell is no longer living with him.

"Well, it wasn’t just that," Duane clarifies.

"But we squabbled," he admits.

Duane adds: "Like I said, we’re normal families, right?"

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"They’re all nuts," Duane half-jokes about his entire extended family.

"Yeah, it’s cool," he adds, "but they’re all crazy."

Well, plenty of families have members who are bonkers.

When the family’s most famous member is Dog The Bounty Hunter, you have to figure that the family as a whole is more nuts than average.

Lyssa Chapman Outdoors
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Duane has been grieving his late wife, Beth, ever since she passed away in June of 2019 after a battle with throat cancer.

For months, his misery was palpable in every report and interview.

His grief even sent him to the hospital. His whole family was worried.

When longtime friend and personal assistant Moon Angell offered emotional support, his family feared that she was taking advantage of him.

Duane Chapman Interview Pic
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To be fair, she would not be the first.

According to Lyssa, a man almost as close as family attempted to steal Beth’s ashes to sell them online.

(We should note that selling human remains is illegal so this was not a great plan on multiple levels)

Lyssa also claimed that Moon had previously dated one of her brothers, suggesting that Moon’s goal was to become a permanent member of the family.

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We hope that Duane is now in an emotional and mental place to seek emotional support in a more professional, boundary-filled manner.

Grief counseling and therapy — by someone who does not live in your home — can be life-saving for those in mourning.

At any rate, we are glad that the Chapman family has made peace again.