Vicki Gunvalson Talks About Retirement, Begs Bravo for a Spinoff

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About a week ago, news broke about which Real Housewives have been asked back to or fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County.

With the report not yet confirmed, some fans are skeptical. But now, Vicki is talking about retirement and pushing to at least be given a spin-off.

Vicki Gunvalson All Glammed Up

According to an unconfirmed report, Vicki Gunvalson has been demoted to a "Friend" yet again for Season 15 -- if she even bothers to return.

Instead of confirming this news, Vicki opted to go on vacation with her fiance, Steve Lodge.

"Lookin like retirement," one fan comment reads.

Vicki responded to that fan's words, writing: “Pretty soon."

Vicki Gunvalson on Her Insta

"Is it true you are not coming back?" another fan comes right out and asks.

"No truth to that," Vicki writes.

(We would love to believe her, but recall that she said similar things about a year ago ... but was a "Friend" in Season 14 regardless)

She's not claiming that the show has asked her back as a Full Housewife, admitting: "I don’t know yet."

Vicki Gunvalson is Incredulous

Champion Daily, which sounds like the name of a Gen Z Instagram star, caught up with Vicki and asked her to spill the beans.

"I have no idea what is going on," Vicki freely confessed.

She explained her uncertainty by announcing: "Nothing has been decided."

Vicki then decreed “and any other reports being put out there to the contrary are false reporting and creating a false narrative."

Vicki Gunvalson Says It's Ridiculous

"When I talked about retirement,” Vicki said in clarification. “I was referring to retiring years down the line."

She continued, explaining that she very specifically meant retirement with “my husband to be."

In other words, Vicki is looking forwward to retiring some day, but only after she and Steve are married.

And she doesn't plan to do so any time soon. After all, she's only 57 years old.

Vicki Gunvalson Engaged to Steve Lodge

"Maybe you should create a spinoff about your family and business," a fan suggested this week on social media.

"That’s a great idea," Vicki responded.

She even tagged Andy Cohen in the comment.

"Agree, love you Vicki. Time to move on from those ladies," a fan writes. "You have a great future filled with love. You don’t need that nastiness in your life."

Vicki Gunvalson is Glowing

After the report that includes the claim that Vicki hasn't regained her orange surfaced, Andy Cohen immediately dismissed it.

He asked why anyone would believe an unconfirmed report, and then noted that contract offers had not yet been sent.

That was curious, as it had appeared that Braunwyn was already filming.

Was Braunwyn filming for something else? Was it all misdirection? It's hard to know what to believe, at times.

Vicki Gunvalson SCREAMS at a Producer

Vicki had clearly hoped that her outlandish behavior at the Reunion special would land her a spot on Season 15, orange in hand.

It may turn out that she was successful.

However, some fans and viewers are sick of Vicki and her misbehavior. The rumor-mongering and apparent homophobia in particular are troubling.

Hopefully, soon, we'll get some sort of confirmation of which Housewives are returning and which are hitting the road.

What is Vicki's fate?

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